please empty your brain below

What an excellent riposte. How else could you respond to an amazing 50 comments generated. Where there's muck there's brass, they say!
Good to see you demonstrating your commitment to a bit of re-cycling.
Always happy to talk rubbish.
If something is organised locally - that can't be right, a centralised system would be better

If something is organised centrally - that can't be right, a localised system would be better.
BIIIINNNNSSS!!!!! (If you know, you know)
Regarding the London Recycles website, if my borough is typical, the summary of what recycling it collects is not very useful or up to date.
I'd have been more interested if the table included the colour of the respective bins too, but I wouldn't wish that level of data gathering on anybody.
Bins 2 was never going to be as good as the original.

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