please empty your brain below

thanks DG ... I never even knew there was such a place as a Supreme Court of the UK
Only since 2009! Before then, we had the (somewhat misleadingly named) Supreme Court of Judicature since the 1870s when the common law courts and equity courts were merged. But it was not so "supreme", as the appellate committee of the House of Lords carried on until 2009. When the new Supreme Court (of the UK) was created, the old Supreme Court (of Judicature) became the Senior Courts (including the Court of Appeal, the High Court, and the Crown Court).

Commonwealth, etc, cases are still heard by the judicial committee of the Privy Council (whose membership includes the judges of the Supreme Court, plus a variety of other judges).
Just be thankful, DG, that the RGS doesn't come with a yellow edged squre magazine that is impossible to throw away! That is the curse of the NGS. For some reason copies of the National Geographic Magazine are impossible to toss out. So americans keep them in their basements for decades.... moldering.

The story of how the magazine began is interesting. On the first edition, the editor didn't have anything to fill the required 40 pages... so they just filled up all the pages with photographs. And it was a major hit... all because of the photos.

Ironic, but true. As a youth in Washington D.C. I always found the museum of the NGS to be one of my favorite spots to visit.

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