please empty your brain below

Thanks DG... for reminding me not to miss this. TE is speaking to me more and more as I get older...

"We've got the best government at the moment that we've ever had." Did she put that in neon? Art cannot be separated from politics.

Maybe her introspective art explains her political allegiance?

She's learning to spell.

Could that cyrillic N not represent the russian ownership of the Independent?

"Exit via the gift shop. Alas no, they haven't printed that one on a postcard."

Well no, they wouldn't, because that's Banksy's film title.

Not heard of her in the States, and from the sound of it I never will! I'm sure her work wouldn't be allowed past the censors here!!
I'm constantly amazed words they blank out during episodes of New Tricks!

V jealous. Would love to see this exhibition. It might come to Manchester in two years I spose.

Thanks for the info as well as the PDF linkā€¦..Took a look seems like I will be again devoid of any tick in the 2nd phase of the ticket sales, coz I am getting absolutely no availability for the shooting, water polo and diving..Gosh missed the early train!!!

Did you see her twin brother selling one of her early works - a sketch of 'we hate Mrs ?' (the school dinner lady) - to the dealers on on Four Rooms a couple of weeks ago? Apparently he wanted a couple of grand to start a new life in Thailand.

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