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Still single, eh? (sigh) You should have taken up the ballroom dancing that someone mentioned last year.

Coupled: You never have to go hunting for a ballroom dancing partner.
Single: Nobody forces you to watch Strictly Come Dancing.

As a married man I'd challenge some of your 'couple' suggestions.

But I can't tell you which ones cos she'd kill me...

Ruddy hell, another year already.

These anniversaries are always a pleasure to read DG, so thanks.

All my thoughts with you today, dg. I hope your situation changes, or doesn't change, whichever you prefer. By the way, I'm getting more and more shocked by this year-on-year trickle of information of yet another thing your ex did to you.

About two-and-a-half years for me. In my case, my ex didn't take another bloke to her office party behind my back. Oh no, she did it right in my face, having first bought a new £250 dress (on my credit card) and booked a hotel room with him because they'd both have had too much to drink to drive back that night but it was all as innocent as you'd expect of a woman who put a packet of condoms in her handbag.

Of course if your situation did change from single status, it is quite possible you would no longer have the time to research, write and post your daily blog. Then you’d be missed by many.

I agree with your comment on cardiac arrest, living alone you do wonder who’d call an ambulance if anything happened, but having a partner/ spouse does not guarantee someone is always there either.
Maybe a lodger or flatshare could help in these cases. Although I, having tried this still prefer having the place entirely to myself.

it seems that your blog is your mistress, DG.

Divorced eighteen wonderful years.

Single: excluded from social events so as not to create odd numbers.
Couple: expected to attend the most hideous events and to return the favour by hosting others.

Widowed 25yrs, once I got over the loss, I came to love the freedom.

It's the quarter past seven bit that gets me.

Coupled: You never have to go hunting for a ballroom dancing partner.
Single: Nobody forces you to take ballroom dancing lessons and then gets upset when you step on their toes.

A bittersweet post from you today, DG.

It's always been my experience that people who tell you you're better off being single seem to be in no rush to quit their 'loved up' status.

Think you're entitled to feel a teeny-tiny bit bitter. A curse on the ex ...

Divorced in 1982 and, apart from a brief and very painful interlude into shared mortgageship later, have been mostly single now for more than 25 years. Actually, I'd lost all concept of how long it's been, but for me the balance is still falling well and truly in favour of singleness.

And, I'm sure you can have a riotous social life at any age, in any situation. I think it's a matter of bucking social conditioning and deciding to do so, but one advantage of having lived in another country was discovering that in other cultures, you're never considered too old to go to clubs, fiestas, etc., and have fun.

Lack of hot water bottles, dg? IMHO, this is exactly what kittens were made for.

This time of year seems to come around again very, very quickly. Feels like only yesterday that I was reading last year's post... and was single, still.


I just never iron And despite my coupledom, we still sit around on a Saturday wondering what the hell to do.

Wow, another year and yet MORE info on your ex.
Chin-up- there’s plenty of totty at the beginners dance lesson to night? Interested??
Ask for Peter for an intro.

Quarter past seven... at least it reads well and wasn't eleven minutes past, or five and twenty to... (does anyone still say 'five and twenty to'?) I like your single and coupled observations - here's to another year and may it be how you wish in either status!

Take heart DG - not *all* women are as cold and calculating as your ex. Some of us are actually quite nice, reasonable and well-balanced people.

Hope all your wishes (provided they are compatible with one another, of course) come true.

Coupled: Somebody puts you to bed when you're too drunk to get there yourself.

Single: You end up on the floor and wake up to something broken and freezing cold.

Not that I'm talking from experience.

Great post. Never get tired of reading it.
Make the most of your status, young man!

Ah, November again.

I can't wait for the statistical analysis when enough years have passed to build up enough data: perhaps a great big tensor mapping numbers of comments, levels of sympathy, depth of assumption, complexity of related life-story, etc, etc, etc.

BTW, why was the jilt time different in 2002?

Blimey, nine years of blissful solitude, eh? You've posted this every year since you started this blog, and it's always made me chuckle.

It just scares me to think it was a year ago since I last read this. I wonder if you'll be posting this next year as well, or will 2009 be the year that you finally get hitched up with someone?

Enjoy your bachelorhood, DG! Being single's not always a bad idea, is it? I should know: I speak from experience.

Strewth, another year - and yeah, sorry, coming late to this this year due to not being able to comment from work.

All the best, DG - among other things, we still hope for the year when this post *doesn't* happen...

DG, the last one - OUCH. I did about 6 years solitary unconfinement after a much less savage severance than yours. Don't be afraid of the bitterness, it is absolutely the appropriate emotion. It helps to keep one's feet a little closer to the ground, when one might get swept a little too high, too soon by the intoxicating zephyr of potential coupledom.

Here's a blast from the past for anyone old enough:

For my sins*, I've been free now for 13 lovely years.

My favourite experience re being a singleton is when some married prat says, "You're too picky!"

What? I should grab the next poor man who happens along by the collar and say, "You'll do!"???

*It wasn't MY sins.

David Cameron believes in coupledom. Just one other reason why I will never vote for Them.

Are we having a party to celebrate 10 next year? Tis OK, you're safe, I've already booked my next year's autumn break 350 miles north of London for that week

(NB I refrained from making my usual comment)

What is your usual comment...? Gonna have to go and find it now!

I also can't believe it's a year since we last read this post... from another singleton.

The best blog ever!

Seems a rather long list.

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