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The good news here is that the Hydrangea has survived, initially touch and go, but two buckets of water a day has seen it waving its fully hydrated leaves defiantly at the sun, now to survive the potential catastrophic localised flooding.
Report from Orkney, 0600-0700: The sheet-metal grey of cloud briefly parted to reveal a bloodshot-eye-of-Sauron of a sun for around 30 seconds. Winking closed, the sky turned cobalt, torrential rain fell whilst the firmament was illuminated with rivets of purple and orange lighting.

Better now though.
There was already a long queue at bus stop M when I passed by at 06:30 this morning, obviously all trying to flee the wrath to come.
It’s going to be another nice day. I am looking forward to the storms and blood moon too.

I caught some nice images of the sun breaking through from behind a cloud whilst at my local bus stop this morning too.
Really, the only amazing thing is the sheer amount of sunshine. It's not at all abnormal to have a brief interlude of weather like it is right now. It's just decidedly odd to have it after weeks and weeks of uninterrupted 20+ degree days with oodles of sunshine.

It's even stayed pretty dry (humidity-wise) for the most part during the day, making it rather pleasant so long as you're not locked in a carriage with a few hundred other people. I'll admit the past few nights have been rough for those of us that like to sleep cool though. Warm *and* a bit humid.
But who wouldn't want to see a picture of penguin eating an ice-lolly? What flavour would it be? I imagine pilchard with a sprat sticking out like a fishy-99? Now you've frustratingly click-baited me, I'll have to go googling....
There is only one true Penguin Ice Cream

All hail Punky - lord of the Indian restaurant desert menu
And there it was. Not so interesting after all. Yep it was a fishy lolly but it looks more like tormenting penguins by encasing food items in blocks of ice. What did I expect? But hey, judgment is never clear first thing in the morning.
Just to confirm that Romford ain't proper. Decidedly dodgy I reckon.
Hottest night ever? Here in Berkshire my upstairs central heating control registered 27 degrees at 6.30am, even with some windows open!
I'm hoping this summer will result in a nice fat cheque being deposited into my account from the nice people at the solar panel company!

Meanwhile, here in NW London it's rather cool this morning - only 20C in my garden as opposed to the 25+C it has been for the last week or so!

Went out to inspect the garden after all this beneficial rain we were promised overnight, sighed, and hefted the watering can over the pots again.
The front looks like the Serengeti (receives only rainfall for its water!)
One shrub has completely died - even the self-set buddleija is looking rough - and they're virtually indestructible!
Anyone remember the tyranny of the massed forces of the ladybirds in 1976?
I've just looked up the respective BBC and Met Office forecasts for Norwich. They are amazingly different!
Not trusting the bbc forecast. Their constant yet unfulfilled promise of rain would have brought certain death on my flowers.
@Tim W ... Am in the west country here and also find BBC forecasts unreliable compared to Met Office. I find the jet stream site to be a pretty good indicator of what is coming too.
@Ironicsteve I can't specifically recall the plague 1976, but I do remember various summer insect plagues in Gt Yarmouth in different years before that. One year started off with a plague of blackfly type insects and this was closely followed by a plague of ladybirds when they discovered the abundance of food :-) These days, whenever I'm there, there seems to be a permanent plague of seagulls!
Meanwhile, it's winter in half the planet.
LNER are telling people not to travel on their trains today as lightning has knocked out a large area of signalling in Yorkshire.
Are you not going out today DG?
Thanks for the Lawson climate change takedown link, dg.

[Or rather, impelling me to look off-piste, to find out just how off-kilter etc etc...]
This AWESOME article is the most INSANE thing that I've seen today. I can't wait to slightly change the wording and post it on my own blog as if its my own work not forgetting to change the hyperlinks to those of my carefully selected commercial partners.
@Rog, an orphan in my garden - costing me a fortune in pilchards. Keep showing him the YouTube videos on flight, but he's a slow learner. Crazy summer...
Not everyone can use the hope Geoff also has a handy map with all the lovely cool-air-conditioned bus routes one can use in London?
For live lightning I normally find Blitzortung the most up to date. It is where other sites get their information from.
These damn pesky foreigners - stealing our jobs, our money, and now our rain! When will this madness end?
One of the hottest days of the year and DG spends it indoors live-blogging.

Staying in and waiting for a delivery to turn up?
@Martin et al ... DG doesn't have to be at home to be blogging...
Down here in Guildford the sky just went dark and I even heard a rumble of thunder. Still no rain though...
Never mind, it's just started to tip it down!
Houslow area lighting and thunder at 1517. No rain though.
I refuse to believe the apocalypse has started until the flying ants appear...
PS there's a fun live thunderstorm feed here. I'm praying for rain, someone earlier said it was coming home, whatever that means...
I can definitely report an actual shower of rain in the City of London.
1626 A short shower of rain in Hounslow area. Smells nice.
I love petrichor!
Just rained in Stanmore - a short shower
Rumblings of thunder here in erstwhile sunny Newport Pagnell. Getting windy too. And now some rain. Just harvested the blackberries in time!
5pm, it's raining in Bedford!
1706hrs, and E16: second time in an hour
5.05pm, it's stopped raining in Bedford but it was wonderful while it lasted. London, please send more rain!
Enough rain to actually wet the ground between 4.58pm -5.00pm here in South Harrow.
Sun's out again now so it's horribly steamy!
Off to post "I Survived the Great Storm of '18" memes on Facebook.
I love the 16.00 comment. I really did laugh out loud!
Finally. Rain in Leyton. Rumbles of thunder though not seen much lightning. Rainbow during break in clouds. Hoping for more rain. I do enjoy a good storm and this isn't great so far.

Luckily I woke from nap in time to get in washing. Hopefully it'll be cooler tonight and can get sleep!
...and to think we could be in the grip of a severe cold snap in just 4 months time!
Thanks @Darren Eddy...we've had hardly any lightning but your link really did show where distant rumblings were coming from. Dead chuffed to watch this in in real time.
Less than ten miles from hot spot Tibenham.
Old-fashioned thermometer in the conservatory shows over 100 F.
BBC weather has been promising rain since 9am this morning but it is not yet here.
Getting a bit more breezey so perhaps some rain will come but beginning to lose faith in all these forecasters...
2 spots of rain on my windscreen in Bishops Lydeard this afternoon. A friend in the Isle of Wight reports a two minute shower.
A few spots here in Southend at about 19:45.
No audible thunder, but I think it's on the way!
Petrichor? Isn't that a perfume:
The whole way home from beckenham to plumstead was thunder lightening, hail and torrential rain, has stopped now though
Petrichor? - luxury!- On most places, the tiny bit of rain that dampened the ground just made the smell of concentrated dogs pee even worse after virtually no rain since the beginning of June.
I was right!
20:15 heavy downpour and thunder and lightning.
"It did actually finally rain".
Not quibbling:'ere be figures.

Nowhere 'rehydrating-your-patch' quantities though after 40-odd days without garden-useful rain.
'NW3 weather'website 6.6 mm.
'N16 weather' website 9.7 mm
'Wanstead Meteo' website 6 mm

Other areas of not north-east/east London, England, UK, etc etc are available.
Not biblical amounts, no.
But that N16 figure makes it the 10th wettest day of the year so far, so not bad.
Doubly disappointed: looked for the moon on this Significant Evening, and cloud covered that.
Expected to see Noah float past during the rains in his Ark with lots of animals including Greek Donkeys striped up as zebras, but only about 1/2 inch of rain. My water butt only a quarter full.

Tomorrow can only get better.
Brilliantly written, as always. Thank you.
The heat may return later next week.
The moon may return this evening
The Washington DC area apologizes for using up all your rain. We've had the wettest July on record, going back to the 1890's. And it ain't going to be much different in August.
There's a plum tree in my village, just by the library. I've never seen anyone else picking them but it's become an annual pleasure for me to watch them turn red and nab one or two each time I pass it.
This time yesterday, a fair number of them were just about ready to pick.
As of this morning, all but about 6 have been blown down and lie splattered on the ground
I've just read an easy to read interesting paper re the weather changes past / present / future. Posted online by the author in January this year, it is rather telling that it mentions an increase in heatwaves etc.:

As far as I can see (and I have no knowledge to prove / disprove anything that is written), it would seem to be an unbiased article that makes a lot of sense. I've never been a great believer in all the arguments of man-made climate changes, although I admit that we may make some contribution to it.

Instead, I believe that most of what goes on with the climate is just the result of the natural cycles of the various events, such as solar events, that affect the earth. Some events may occur over several thousands or millions of years, others, like the El nino, every few years.
It's pseudo-scientific piffle, Rog.
Be interesting to see how / if the climate does change over the next fifty years, to see whether there is any truth in man-made global warning

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