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Plus anything else we might think of.
I'm not sure who used the phrase first (Grahame Norton?) - but I can no longer see the word Eurovision without his description of it as Gay Christmas.
Weekend 5
The Duane Eddy Convention on Sunday 29th May, 1.30 -5.30. At the Polish Club, Raans Road, Amersham (In Zone 9, so it just counts as a London entertainment). Much twangy music, including live band.
I think the Fawley Hill event is 20/21/22 May, not 14/15.

dg writes: Ah sorry, yes, shifted thanks.
Looking forward to all your reports! Particularly the Chelsea Flower Show!
Us pagans need no excuse for a pub crawl!
Beltane blessings, one and all!
Maybe join me in a jaunt around London.
Turns out the Gumball Rally thing at Regent St is tomorrow (Monday), not today. (No matter, it was only going to be a passing visit on the way to Little Venice, which was as impressive as ever)

dg writes: Dammit, sorry! Fixed now.

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