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"The BBC's just a bunch of liberal leftie pinkos, spouting their biased Marxist propaganda across the global airwaves"

Steady on, old chap: your typical or garden Marxist is not very liberal.

Still, there has be be some reason that, when celebrating the life of Che Guevara, they fail to mention that he was a murdering scumbag who was more than a bit crazy for power.

I know you're taking the piss, but to anyone else who doesn't know, the World Service is funded by the Foreign Office - i.e. out of everyone's general taxes, and not the license fee.

Adverts already appearing on the BBC website for those of us *cough* who are now outside the UK...

I agree that you only need one person to read the news. I am always amused when I see 2 people doing the job. The non-speaking presenter has to sit there trying to look interested. Go back to one presenter ASAP.
The Test Card was quite popular in its day and would be nicer than some of the programmes dished out during the daytime now.(With the ocassonal showing of colour bars for variety!)
Some of the TV performers are grossly overpaid. I think the BBC is re-negotiating some of their contracts to lower salary.
For me I only watch old films on TV, preferably films from the 1930's to 1950's so I am a low budget viewer.

That mouthy bastard is still there? I stopped listening to it because of him. If I wanted to listen to a phone-in where the presenter disagreed with all the callers I listen to the considerably more entertaining commercial talk station just a bit further up the dial.

More repeats, or indeed a year composed entirely of repeats except for the news, would be a vast improvement and they could sack the entire workforce apart from the news team and the man who presses play.

Mmmm - lots of lovely American mini series and endless repeats of The Simpsons - sounds like Australian TV!

one person news reading would be good if it achieved just one thing ... namely putting an end to the inane drivel that some newsreaders spout between themselves in the misguided belief that all of us out here in idiot-lanterns-ville will find their musings 'entertaining' in some way

on that note, is there one of those special made-up modern words which describes that peculair intense level of embarassment that you sometimes feel when watching tv alone and in the total privacy of your own home?

How about stopping Clarkson and co from racing across Europe in supercars. Or spending £20k trying to 'sail' cars across the channel.

£20k! Fer fecks sake, for a silly stunt.

Frankly they should scrap BBC1, move the news permanently to News 24 and let BBC2 (and 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 42) continue what they are doing... showing interesting stuff on TV.

one person reading the news is coming to BBC1 when Nat leaves next month for five...

and while Television Centre is likely to be sold - it is also likely to be listed at the same time... nothing devalues property like being listed... TVC1 will make one massive studio apartment...

"How about paving over the Blue Peter Garden and building a block of flats on the site instead? I mean, they only use it on screen for three minutes a month."

Point of infomration: the BBC Breakfast weather forecast is frequently broadcast from there. When they're not wasting money shipping the poor woman off to some other far-from-her-London-home spot. Why they do that I have absolutely no idea.

A nice ambiguity there in "DG In Need"!

Selective advertising on certain programmes - Eastenders sponsored by British Cyanide Perhaps? - but of course as supply of advertising increases price reduces.

We still have the BBC! Bloody hell. I thought they scrapped back when cable TV was invented.

Must get one of those license thingys then. [nips off to Post Office]

Bloody hell! They've scrapped the Post Office. When did that happen?

The bastards. Ah, well I tried to pay my way, despite not having an aerial. And why is aerial not spelt ariel? Do the soap powder company have copyright?

The bastards.

If you're talking about sacking mouthy bastards, you could start with those two muppets who do Talk Sport's Saturday morning "show". Porky and someone else, I think.

Definitely in favour of the "Sack the unnecessary second newsreader" campaign.

I hope this isn't straying too far from the subject, but many of my friends work for the BBC. For the past two or so years there's been a planned mass movement of staff from London to Manchester (or was it Macclesfield or Mansfield, I don't remember). At every appraisal staff sit there welcoming the move saying that they are looking forward to the 'lifestyle' change, as this is what they are expected to say. BUT, I don't know of a single person at the Beeb who really will leave London for up North. The London job market will be flooded with ex-Beebers soon.

*cough* The World Service isn't paid for from the licence fee.

But you knew that anyway.

I heard that Petras grave had been removed from the Blue Peter garden - clearly a sign of cutbacks...

Debster: They already sold off the man who presses play. He's now owned by the same Aussie bank who own the transmitters, Thames Water, Stagecoach London buses, the M6 Toll Road...

I see they have taken your advice and turned off those transmitters today

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