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There are some really nice houses backing onto the Beach at Shoreham, I was visiting Brighton many years ago and was dragged along to my friends bosses house for afternoon tea, the house was like something out of an American movie, it was painted bright pink and on the wall outside in six foot high letters the name "Ceasers Palace" proudly displayed. The two guys who owned it were very much like Julian and Sandy from Round the Horne and had apparently just been on holiday to Las Vegas.

Wonderful pictures DG. Our eldest lives just along the coast from Shoreham and all this is very familiar, but with your eye for a good photo opportunity it seems so much more attractive. I guess a lovely sunny day helps. Sounds like a great day out.

Shoreham-BY-Sea, surely?

dg writes: BY it is, ta.

Bit of an eye opener that Shoreham eh? Houseboats looked amazing and I never knew there was a Shoreham/Brighton airport, probably explains why I was a crap immigration officer a few years back then.

I used to live in Aldrington. Anything West of there is really grim, but has a kind of epi-industrial, eking-out-a-living charm. I seem to recall there was a chip shop on the corner near the road that turns to run along the strip.

Did you get a new camera? Your photos look different, somehow.

Geoff - probably the unusual sunshine. Makes everything look different.

*sings* Oh I do like to be beside the seaside... :)

Love the houseboats. Hope you tell us more about them tomorrow.

As a local, I'm looking forward to tomorrow...

Lovely photos, DG.

Oooh, suddenly I really really want to live in a minesweeper houseboat.

It's a nice walk and Shoreham Beach is virtually an island really. If you're in the area again a walk East is also worth doing (in fact I think it's better). You're soon walking on the sea wall below some lovely white chalk cliffs. Heading west you have to go a long way before you come to any cliffs.

A walk east from Brighton is on the cards some other time, when it's not January and when it hasn't been raining tons for the previous week!

gor blimey luvvaduck, geezer !

that slide show is good !

The millionaires on Millionaires Row are dead handy for the Brighton and Newhaven Fish Company, who have one of the best fresh fish shops anywhere on the south coast. Behind the fish shop, you'll often see trawlers and scallop dredgers tied up. [Link]

The previous incarnation of Shoreham Power Station was much more picturesque. [Link]
It had two towers (at least in its heyday) and lovely brick facades, with bricks from Tunbridge Wells (High Brooms to be precise) and was an even more prominent landmark than the current station. I have to say that the current station is not as ugly as I think many people feared.

The airport doesn't currently have commercial flights, but I'm keeping a close eye on what this lot are up to [Link]
Although I do wonder about them describing them as "London to Paris" flights. Shoreham is as close to London as the amusingly named London Oxford (Kidlington) Airport.

Finally, amongst your ways of getting to Shoreham, you could add the Downs Link long distance foot/cycle/bridleway on the old railway up the Adur valley, which takes you past the well-worth exploring Steyning, Bramber and Beeding. Near here (you must have seen it) is Lancing College which has the largest chapel of any school in the world, I believe. [Link] [Link] [pdf Link]

Oh, and there is the cement works. If you like modern industrial wastelands, this is as good as it gets [Link]

I've lived in Brighton for the last two years, and never ventured that way! I really should, though I have to say your blog hardly makes it seem that exciting!

DG - if you are going the other way next time, I can heartily recommend the Roedean cafe just above the Marina, where the roadworks are. They do a full English second to none. Worth a trip to Brighton in itself.

I'm not sure conferences have been held at the Grand Hotel for a long time - when it was bombed in 1984 the conference continued as it was at the conference centre.

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