please empty your brain below

Gee, Instinction (IMHO) has aged well, the video, too (followed yr link to youtube). I'll have to dig the vinyl out tonight. Oh yeah: and buy a turntable...

Definitely Yazoo and Only You.... by a mile, nothing else even close.

Having said that, a bit of a soft spot also for Nicole, Pigbag and Bananarama & FB3.

Chas n Dave every time ...

Yazoo would be my favourite. I also thought Bardo were underrated. There were a lot of girls yet to hit puberty performing that routine in their bedrooms.

It has to be Pigbag.

Ah, the golden age of "New Pop" was upon us...

1. Yazoo
2. Simple Minds
3. Dollar
4. Bardo
5. Bucks Fizz
6. Spandau Ballet
7. Haircut 100
8. Shalamar

Richard Skinner does a weekend music show on BBC Radio Berkshire, which is available online. It's damn good.

I still have my 7-inch copy of Bardo somewhere. I think it was the first single I bought - a complete rebellion against my older brothers' Madness phase. I can't believe how crap it was!

Still no-joy with the Blogger search box, DG?

Only You was and remains one of my all time favourites. Never bettered.
I seem to remember that Paul and Stevie weren't even in the same recording studio for Ebony & Ivory never mind living in perfect harmony. Now I can't stop humming it inwardly. Thanks.

The England World Cup Squad for me, bought the single and the album on K-Tel records, we were going to win it, Beating France in the first game,Bryan Robson, fastest ever World Cup goal, Keegan and Brooking, injured,Spain, Keegans header, out without losing a game, small boys, jumpers for goalposts.....(Tails off)....

I taped part of that TOTP on cassette and still have it somewhere - classics every one, more or less...

Sharon Brown "I Specialise in love": that was a classic from that time, too, I think

Nicole was my all time favourite Eurovision winner, until Lordi won last year.

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