please empty your brain below

This is really fascinating. Thank you for this!

I wouldn't have thought that Frankfurt was closer than Aberdeen or that Rome was so much closer than Lisbon.

I wonder how many Londoners, in the last year, haven't ventured further than Richmond? ;)

That's a long way to travel to get a decent beer, sigh.

It was said that Dunedin where England have been playing rugby in the World Cup is the furthest city from London. Is that correct by your calculations?

Looking at a crowd of Londoners last year, I now think that most Londoners come from all these places.

According to this map it is

However, New Zealand's actual antipodes are Iberia, so Madrid and Lisbon are further from Dunedin, Auckland etc. than London is.

Now you've made me even more home sick :-(

As someone who sets pub quizzes all the time (often with a London theme), you've just provided me with an invaluable resource. Thanks!

Blimey, Beijing is closer to London than where I am in the states! That's so depressing!

Fascinating. Some parts of Hertfordshire are much closer to the centre of London than you'd think they are. Waltham Cross, Cheshunt and Potters Bar are all only 13 miles from Charing Cross (or thereabouts).

The other thing I find interesting is that London is closer to France than it is to Norwich and Bournemouth. Indeed, it's also nearer the South Pole than it is to eastern Australia, let alone New Zealand.

All those England rugby fans really have travelled a long way, haven't they?

I like the list of distances from Lerwick at

There are four or five capitals cities nearer to Lerwick than London (T├│rshavn, Oslo, Dublin, Amsterdam and Copenhagen) - depending on whether you call the Faroe Islands a country or just a territory.

I did hear that when the MP for Shetland put in his expenses claim it was returned because he had omitted to fill in the name of the nearest railway station to his constituency house. So he wrote in "Bergen"

This is fascinating and reminds me of the days when I used to calculate air fares using Actual Flown Miles (AFM) and Maximum Permitted Miles (MPM). However, I can't agree your calculation for Bromley. The distance down the railway line from Bromley South to Victoria is 11 miles, and it certainly isn't 5 miles from Trafalgar Square to there to give your figure of 16.

dg writes: I've measured Charing Cross to Bromley on a map with a ruler, rather than relying on a website, and it's actually 9 miles direct. Well spotted.

Londoner waving from 3561 miles away here.

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