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DG, may I just borrow your comments box for a moment? Thank you.
Is there a reader in Taunton who would be able to visit an elderly lady in Musgrove Park Hospital? She was taken ill a long way from home and her only visitor is the friend she was staying with. You can email me at decor8or94@(NOSPAM)

I saw one of those water chariots yesterday; it was making painfully slow progress through a lock. It will be surprising if they even last to the olympics, I can't see many people paying for that trip

dg writes: During the Olympics, the waterbus routes don't pass through any locks. Clever that.

DG - Does this mean that they've finally reopened the towpath down by the Lock and Fish Island? it seems like months since it's been possible to get to the Greenway (and the Viewtube) without going "round the houses" and joining the Greenway at its start near the A12?

dg writes: Yes, all accessible again.

Also, any idea why they've put such daunting and ugly razorwire topped fencing round my beloved Abbey Mills pumping station?

dg writes: I presume it's pre-Olympic security. It's hideously ugly, yes, but there will still be a clear view from directly in front, where the fence dips down to ground level.


PS thanks for the posting on Trinity Buoy Wharf, my son loved trying all the musical instruments and the lighthouse.


I came across your blog (fantastic stuff; I’m now hooked) while doing some research for a walk I’m leading in mid-August (West Ham – Greenway – River Lee – Limehouse Basin – Canary Wharf – Mudchute Park – Cutty Sark). I’m really hoping that the Bow floating towpath will be open by then, as I don’t fancy leading 15 or so people across the A11/A12 roundabout. There’s plenty of information about the Bow Riverside project online, but nothing specific about the completion date. Doubtless it’s on the project manager’s Gantt chart, but of course publishing the date is a hostage to fortune. The only clue I’ve found is the date of the A11 to Three Mills towpath re-opening, originally set for 26th June but quietly delayed to 20th July then 1st August. Could this also be the opening day of the new towpath and bridge?

dg writes: No obvious clues, sorry. It definitely wasn't finished yesterday, and I can't believe the gaps in the walkway will all be plugged by August 1st. But by mid-August? Maybe.

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