please empty your brain below

Thank you for the review, and noting the puzzle. I probably would have just admired the art work and never picked up the pamphlet so would never have known about it.

Gloucester Road is where I stayed when I first visited London (and the UK, for that matter), and I always have a soft spot for the tube station and it's often strange works of art.
I'm willing to bet that the broken QR code is absolutely intentional - it's just another puzzle. I interpreted the "..." as a fill in the blank, and you need know to what to insert at the start of the url for it to work. Which makes sense: the first line on the website is "Congratulations – you did it!", implying there was some sort of puzzle to get there other than just scanning a QR code. On the other hand, I doubt that any kids on half-term break will be able to solve the puzzle, but any tech-savvy high schooler can get it easily (such as yours truly).
I never trust QR codes!
The rest sounds fun though.
"Unscrambling the seven words is relatively straight-forward, given the pictorial clues, but the ultimate anagram is unexpectedly hard and might require parental intervention."... So was it DGD to the rescue then? 🤣
Technology’s great when it works. Just as well it wasn’t a QR code for something vital, like an NHS service….. or alternative transport when your tube station is closed for lack of staff!
I’ve been staying in a hotel near the Gloucester Road station for 2 weeks and wondered what was under the wrappings. Behold they were revealed today. Trust you to get there first.
Went through Gloucester Road on Saturday and saw these. Presumed for some reason they were something to do with the natural history museum.
Did the NHM puzzle with the kids yesterday -- great to have a different experience from the usual South Ken half-term mêlée. Successfully picked up leaflets from Glos. Rd, the foot tunnel poster hunt was fun, final clue was solved by my eldest (13) but youngest (8) needed more help. QR code worked first time -- so maybe the dots were a mistake that got corrected? But most importantly, the result was that we looked at the museum in a different way and saw different corners to usual, so well done Monster! (and thanks DG for the heads-up)

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