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There is now an OSI between Bond Street and Oxford Circus.

I strongly suspect its quicker to change between the Victoria Line and Crossrail by walking between the two rather than travelling one stop on the Central Line in either direction.

X2K9 uploaded a gamer style POV walkaround video to YouTube, no commentary.
You haven’t answered the crucial question for those of us who live at the end of the Victoria Line. How long does it take to transfer from the Victoria Line at Oxford Circus to Crossrail at Bond Street if, for example, we are going to Heathrow. Will it be better than the other options that require a double interchange?
Bryn, we know it takes 5 mins from Oxford Circus crossroads to Crossrail platform. Simply add the 1½ mins (estimate) it takes to exit Oxford Circus to get your answer.

However, I take it that DG didn't walk whilst on the escalator so you can reduce all the times given if you are a man in a hurry.
6 mins to victoria line is good. i'll be double checking this when I land at heathrow next week.

I'm surprised it's not quicker to CW than using jubillee line.. I guess that some might change anyway for the space / air conditioning.

hmmm the tfl journey planer doesn't seem to want to suggest oxford st-bond street as an option, even though it'll send me on an 8 minute walk between paddington bakerloo-paddinton elizabeth line.
Hopefully the new line will reduce the crowding at Oxford Circus dramatically. Hanover Square is handy for Regent Street, Soho and even Piccadilly Circus area.. Once people know it's there, of course.
If the station is as simple as it looks, how did it take so long?

Have TfL ever explained what went so wrong?

dg writes: yes.
More than you want to know about the engineering problems at Bond St here.
So all the money has been spent to save 4 mins and 2 mins and they can't even make the interchange with the Underground straight forward. With public finances in such a bad state the money would have been better spent on many more projects.
I wouldn’t trust the TfL online journey planner for accurate travel time advice. The journey times have been padded to dissuade Tube use ever since thw lockdowns.

Also, the Elizabeth Line central area journey times could be greatly decreased if the lengthy and unnecessary platform dwell times were reduced.
Tones - it's not really to do with saving time but increasing capacity on an overcrowded system.

As a regular commuter from Whitechapel to Baker Street it adds a fifth sensible route to work
Only three ticket machines at each ticket hall? Seems rather frugal.
I was hoping that Bond St might offer a faster alternative from Liverpool St/Shoreditch area to Waterloo, without having to traipse down to Bank for the W&C. It looks like the answer is no!
As with HS2, critics concentrate on only a few minutes saved here and there because the extra capacity argument is irrefutable.
Bond Street Station - the station named after a street that doesn't exist.

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