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Does that mean the loos at Rayners Lane station will be repaired after a very long time?
One curiosity of the West London Orbital is it bypasses major suburban centres over its central Dudding Hill line section. South Acton is being heavily developed, which helps, but the south-western terminus at Hounslow leaves it a distance from anywhere, especially the centre of Hounslow. There’d be nothing very express about a Superloop bus following a parallel route.
As Sadiq discovered when he was first elected, he can't freeze all fares in London, in particular Travelcards, as they include a national rail element over which he has no control.
It also means that, year on year, the difference between TfL and NR PAYG fares between the same zones has increased and is now 20% (40% if you need to continue your journey beyond the NR terminus).

Why should those of us in South London be subsidisng reduced fares in the north?
A commitment to get lifts fixed faster for mobility impaired travellers would be nice too.

Especially out on the outer branches of the networks where alternatives are few and far between. Or require a massive detour.
Getting the travel pass (in my case the Freedom Pass) onto my phone is a big old vote winner for me. (As if Labour needed to give me any more reasons to vote for them).
Special Constables are a mixed bag and probably shouldn't be relied on. They are the potential icing on the cake.

You could provide the numbers with mediocre volunteer officers that could even be a drain on resources or you might tap into an excellent source of conscientious talent that do sterling public-spirited work. Some special constables are better than the average regular officers - and much more enthusiastic.
I too think that the increase on the Underground to stations with step-free access is hopelessly optimistic.

The lowest hanging fruit has already been picked and, as far as I am aware, there are no station upgrades due other than Colindale that will have step-free access planned as part of the work. So finding 44 stations that can be made step-free in six years (with the works completed) would be extremely challenging.

It is not even a sensible policy. Upgrading two or three strategic heavily-used stations (especially if interchanges) would probably be of more value than simply going for the numbers.

When politicians start to actually name the stations that they see as candidates then I will start to take notice.
I'm not yet old enough for a Freedom pass, but I'll keep travel tickets and passes separate from my phone thankyou. A card can never run out of battery, you can't break it, it can't lose signal, and it is less likely to be stolen.
Talking about crayons….Sadiq has now posted a draft Superloop 2 map online.

dg writes: already linked, cheers :)
In the Superloop 2 diagram, the Bromley-Heathrow section of Superloop 1 is divided at Sutton rather than Croydon. I wonder why.
The green twig from Leytonstone looks like my old 66 bus is coming back. It won’t be quick.
I have had a Freedom Pass for 18 years and never had any problem having to carry a card. I think having it on my mobile telephone would be a nuisance as it would mean having to get the telephone out at each barrier. I suspect TFL would like to introduce it as it would save them the expense of issuing cards.
It does not have any effect on who I am going to vote for.
Politicians like headline grabbing announcements like extensions and major rebuilds, but the reality of the tube is that it's starting to look a bit run down. Not drastically, but the stations and trains are looking a bit shabbier, and frequencies are becoming a bit more erratic. Plus the 72s and 92s have to be kept in service until their (unordered) replacements arrive (the 92 refurb programme is going VERY slowly). Maybe that's where any money should be directed.

As for buses, the reduction in road space caused by cycle schemes isn't helping.
Judging by that Superloop 2 map, Sadiq isn't too bothered about trying to get Hillingdon residents on his side.

(and why is pay per mile seen as such a bad thing? It seems much fairer than the current ULEZ and congestion charges, which give no incentive to reduce mileage once you've incurred the initial high daily charge)
A bit poor getting all that out *after* postal vote packs had already been sent. Heck, I've already voted!
The Superloop2 map has the SL7 (ex X26) running only from Sutton to Heathrow rather than from Croydon.

However, the underlying ES article notes that there has been a 56% increase in ridership on the route since the frequency was doubled - amazing!
I don't think any of the candidates have a transport policy that is credible, or even maximising benefits that would be feasible and deliverable in term.

The green party offer in particular is surprisingly naive, even underinformed.

And generalised fares freezes are a fairly blunt and diffuse instrument--and the optics of London having cheaper single bus fares than most of the UK is not great, even if that discount to £2 elsewhere is temporary.
The Superloop2 map is quite poorly made, on further inspection it looks like the SL7 has been split into 3 sections. But I think it serves its purpose, it's a draft map to show how a larger Superloop network might look like, not a map to show the future routes. I suspect we'll get proper proposals sometime later this year.
I'm not sold on Saddiq because he wants to snaffle the TfL Pension Fund as does the government: both are eyeing our assets to offset deficits on other pension schemes. The Fund is a sensibly managed scheme, not one to be raided nor downgraded. It's hard to see where to put my X or maybe just spoil the paper.
Having fares freezes at the same time as TfL is after money from central government for investment (in much needed new trains for the Bakerloo and then the Central line), to me isn't a great look.
The Superloop diagram shows a new route from Barnet to Enfield, but neglects to mention that such a route would almost certainly interchange with the Piccadilly Line at Oakwood. I think the map was thrown together in about half an hour.

John, London Councils issue Freedom Passes, not TfL.

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