please empty your brain below

I am sure we would all vote for you if you posted about the thing you count that we dont know what it is.

Cuddly relationships and rampant shagging on public transport in Neasden? That should do the trick...

Just off to vote now D.G. Good luck.

I know one is meant to keep these thing secret but I VOTED FOR YOU! Assuming I definitely ticked your box and not someone elses.

Very shamless!

Now you're talking! Voting all done and GOOD LUCK!!!

Utterly shameless - good job that I'd already voted for you. Good luck!

Wow. I'd forgotton all about the BLINK markup tag.

It still won't let me vote for you though. Sorry :-(

That post you wrote on Jan 19 was pretty hot stuff.

The Bloggie awards is good for something: I found your blog through it! Great reading - so keep away from the Cuddly-Girlfriend-Twat-theme

Ok- we can do you a tell us what The Count is and then we will vote for you. Deal?

How often do you see blink-style blinking text nowadays? Perhaps in the holidays section of Teletext maybe, but it's now certainly rare on the web (perhaps a whole load of people thinking it was annoying killed it off).

Anyway, don't worry - I've voted for you DG!

As people in Chicago say, "Vote early and vote often." Looks like they are trying to prevent that with this vote.

This li'l American voted for're intimate with London, and that's enough to get my engines roaring! Leave out the cuddly and such unless it's the REAL you! (I love ya just the way you are!)

I voted for you on day 1.

You got my vote. What a schlep working through the rest though. Can I vote for you twice instead?

Never mind Geoff, I voted for D.G. for both of us!

The Tea Boy and I have both voted for you, so best of luck. I'm so lucky to have found you last year when I was looking for information on the demise of the Routemaster. My favorite blog in the world!

I nominated you for the Lifetime achievement award. ( and just voted for you now.)

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