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Hopefully the cost of removing all the Emirate branding on the Dangleway is down to Emirates.
You should be aware that as there will not be any new Emirates stuff it will be possible to collect a complete set which makes the collection more attractive!
Why isn’t TfL advocating closing it altogether given the dire state of their finances?
I hear that it’s actually quite cheap to run… whether it’s cheap enough given the ticket sales or just cheaper than most transport I’m not sure…
“ dangleway to nowhere”, well done DG, that says it all.
They need to give up any pretence that it's transportation. I went for a ride on it yesterday, boarding from the docks side. There was a big queue, which surprised me until we got to the Greenwich side where there as almost no queue and we realised our queue was entirely caused by tourists getting on at Greenwich with roundtrip tickets, meaning there were almost no free pods for anyone to get on at Royal Docks.

At this point it's completely unviable as transportation so why is it still part of TfL and the tube map. Even the Head of Cable Car calls it an experience and "day out" instead of transportation.
Is it fair to presume that low usage means that the cable car to nowhere is significantly loss-making? If so, surely it's relevant to wonder why it's not at least mothballed during the winter season.

dg writes: never risk a surely.
If it had always glided/glid/glidden/glode over City Hall ever since 2012, it would have attracted a lot more tourists. Shame they took so long to introduce that feature.
I was surprised to see the recently (within the last 10 days) updated signage at each terminal has the Emirates branding throughout... that will be a lot of extra stickering - that could have been avoided by a few days pause in the refresh...
Wonder how much of that Emirates brand collateral will turn up in the vintage section of the London Transport Museum Shop?
P.S. Missed rebranding opportunity (for now). But thankful no new multinational company.
I can't remember whether it was DG, Ian, or LondonReconnections, but one of them had taken a deep look into the finances and on an operational level the cable car pays for itself. There's almost nothing left over for any capital costs, but it's extremely cheap to run once the startup costs are out of the picture.
Frank you presume wrong. It just about makes an operating project. Thankfully much of its funding came as a grant from the EU regional development fund.
From an FoI in 2020:

"To date the Emirates Air Line has generated an operating profit due to a combination of its fare income and commercial sponsorship. This operating surplus goes towards paying back the capital cost of the build."
"Dangleway to nowhere" - how very Boris Johnson.
Meanwhile in France yet another urban cable car has just opened. It's fully integrated into the local metro and charges metro prices.
ap: Britain has often been at the forefront of global innovation, but it seem that where something is subsequently adopted elsewhere they learn from our rush to be first implementation and do it properly!
The 30km of dangleway in La Paz Bolivia knocks Londons effort in to a cocked hat. A proper commuter service too.
I’ve used it a couple of times as a novel way to get to ExCel, can’t help thinking TFL missed a trick, price it as a bus/tram and plug it as another option from the Jubilee Line to ExCel as well as the DLR from Canning Town
Instead of remaining just a one-trip wonder, it should be re-located to serve two busy locations, turning it into genuine, frequently-used public transport (with normal Oyster / Contactless fares).

Somewhere that also has plenty of spectacular, close-up views all round...

Welcome to the Waterloo & City Cable Car !

dg writes: 3rd time you’ve suggested that.
TfL should be looking at sponsorship for the entire network by an organisation with deep pockets (not to mention a deep mind). Welcome to the YouTube!
I'm a cynical as anyone, however thought I'd take a maiden journey on the dangleway a few weeks ago while checking out crossrail with my 8 year old son. And we really enjoyed it. Scanned on with a debit card, hardly anyone there and it is a great journey and brilliant alternative view of London and far better value than going up some other tall building for a view. Obviously it's not really a viable transport option, but as a little tourist attraction with an 8 year old, I felt it was more than worth it
Tim - Maybe the updated signage is already stickered over with 'Emirates', which they'll whip off overnight to reveal 'London Cable Car'.
28th June

» No press release :(
» No rebranding on the TfL website
» No celebratory Instagram post
» One celebratory tweet

...and in a reply to that tweet (and nowhere else, so far as I can see) confirmation that the name has changed.

Hi Daisy. Emirates Air Line Cable Car is now known as London Cable Car (#LondonCableCar). We are open and will continue to do so as per usual, you are more than welcome to visit during operating hours. We are currently celebrating our 10th year Anniversary. Thanks
Josh Crompton, TfL's Head of the Cable Car, has told the BBC that a new "future commercial partner" is expected to be announced later in the summer.

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