please empty your brain below

Oh boy, someone's upset you...

Well I think you're right.

Oh absolutely. Spot on.

Oh dear! It was only a budget day yesterday. It was not the end of the world.
Errrr. Am I included in your ‘You bore the pants off’? sorry. Peter

People like that tend not to like kittens, either.

I'm so glad it can't have been me who "got up your nose" so to speak

I couldn't disagree with you more.

Can't be me as I'm NEVER wrong.

another piece about your MP?

Listen, Listen, Listen - dont make it any worse.


What prompted this piece on Peter Mandelson?

Thank you for correctly spelling "you're" and "your"

I am right: Therefore you must be wrong.
It's the stuff that all politics and religions are made of.

I agree with everyone. And now I'm going to my shed and I'm not coming out 'til Sunday.

Those Daily Mail readers can be rather a pain can't they!

Are you referring to yesterday's comments box, perchance?

ide*o*logical bunker? .. sorry.

dg writes: You're right.


I do hope you are capable of putting up with this type of person! Others will see them for what they are and dismiss their rants. Keep up the Great Work!

Are you talking about me?

He who would harvest honey must endure the sting of the bees.

More ridiculous Labour spin. When will the sheep who follow the nonsense pro-Tory agenda learn that the unions are part of the problem and the BBC needs to be supported more thoroughly by the Palestinians?

Welcome to America.

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