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Thanks for the heads up, dg! Is a great shame that they aren't rerouting bus 69 together with the others.
"93% were in favour, which means the plans are going ahead"

What a touching faith in cause and effect. I've known consultations where the plans went ahead even though the number in favour was closer to 9.3%
Route 69 can't be rerouted because the two-way system isn't properly two-way... no left turns are allowed from the Broadway into Grove Road.
There isn't a stop at Weatherspoons, I think you meant Wilkinsons.
The stop outside Stratford Centre (on Broadway) isn't new.
425 terminates at the station. Doesn't go to Forest Gate.
The net effect seems be to it will slow down all the traffic in Stratford and on the feeder roads.
There isn't a stop at Weatherspoons, I think you meant Wilkinsons.

Outside Wilko, yes. Have reworded.

The stop outside Stratford Centre (on Broadway) isn't new.

It's marked as new on TfL's maps.
Technically it's slightly relocated (because the feeder lane is being removed).

425 terminates at the station. Doesn't go to Forest Gate.

The 425 is being extended (soon) to Ilford.
I live in Maryland and am looking forward to these developments. Particularly the 257 which I can pick up at the end of my road and hop in to Stratford Station in the knowledge that I won't be doing a big loop all around the shopping centre. I know that seems lazy but I have a disability and rationing the impact on my leg at the boring end of my journey means that I can do more in town. Presumably the bus station is going to undergo a massive revamp when the cab rank is moved to that side of the station in order to make way for the building of the new youth hostel on its existing site.
Missed that 425 is being extended. Thanks.
Means that Ilford to Stratford will have about 25/30 buses an hour (25, 425, 86)

dg writes: Expect 26 buses an hour... see here.
Save Bus Stop M.
I had to go to Walthamstow yesterday, meaning a journey via Stratford and the A112 (Leyton High Road). Sheesh, and I thought the traffic south of the river was bad: it was pretty much nose-to-tail and a fair proportion of it was buses!
I took a different route back, which took in a road called Orient Way. If you'd like a preview of what your train to Brussels will be like, Eurostar have a rather large maintenance depot there.
RogerW - there's been a few occasions where I've walked from Draper's Fields up through Leyton to Bakers Arms and been faster than waiting for either a 69 or 97. I suspect it would be the same even if I started from Stratford proper.

(It's always faster by bike. I really need to get a child seat sorted for trips to the Olympic Park.)
Thanks Martin. It's not my usual side of the river but as a passing stranger it seemed to me that a lot of the hold-up was due to the road-works around Walthamstow Central, combined with traffic light phasing seemingly designed to defy anyone from moving.
I don't know how long it's been like that, but it didn't look specially close to completion... or that there was anything much of a hurry to get it completed.
I'd be inclined to say it would be logical to get one disruption sorted before creating another...
I loved the four days on the Toon. Thank you.
Tramway Avenue eh? There must be scope for a post about that, surely?
Only people benefiting from the 2-way road are cyclists and passengers on the 25 / 425, 86 and 276 bus routes.

How 93% of people could agree with these changes is beyond me. The new road layout is going to be a lot more difficult, congested and dangerous. You don't need to 2-way it to improve cycling and realm (even though the realm in there already).

I ride the 69 route a lot and its very amusing how many people land up at Stratford Park trying to reach the train station wondering where they are. Yet TFL can't be bothered to help these passengers and reroute it.
Regarding the roadworks at Walthamstow Central, ironically these are for the removal of another gyratory!

Personally, as either a pedestrian, cyclist or driver I've never liked gyratory systems. Confusing to drive (with weird lane etiquette that only locals know) and they make the urban landscape feel like a motorway! I'm glad they are slowly being phased out.

Old Street roundabout and Tottenham Court Road are next to be degyratory-tised.
The apparent point of gyratory systems in urban areas is to make the traffic flow better. Removal may be justified by one of three arguments. (1) Better traffic flow is no longer desired, (2) The Downs-Thomson paradox or (3) Road designers have got cleverer and think they can deliver the same flow without gyrating.
It may be clearer to those who know the area better than I do. But leaving the 69 and 308 unchanged seems odd. DG has mentioned a banned left turn as the explanation for the 69 (but since the road changes have not yet been made, is that ban inevitable?). The 308 could, it seems, either always or never use Great Eastern road, doing so one way only seems to be failing to take proper advantage of the degyring. Or is there desperation to keep something unchanged?
I have been knocked down by a car twice in Stratford and on neither occasion was it my fault. On the second occasion I was hit by a driver who was running late and drove the wrong way down a street and took me out as he did this. I am left with a permanent disability as a result. On the first occasion I was walking back along Great Eastern road having left Stratford station when a speeding motorist mounted the pavement. I was lucky that I sustained only bad bruising. Still living in Stratford I regularly see people taking advantage of the gyratory system to go far too fast. If moving to a two way system slows traffic down then it is the right thing to do whatever its impact on buses etc.
More announcements today of gyratory removal. Glad that "smooth traffic flow" is no longer prioritised at the cost of pedestrian and cyclist safety and a pleasant environment.
I also spent a while a few days back trying to unpick the changes - the maps aren't exactly clear as they're a mess of blobs and numbers and it's not always clear which blob and which set of numbers match up.

One thing I hope they sort out is the pedestrian access to the southbound Broadway stop, which is quite a nightmare to get to at the moment, particularly if you come from the Morrisons/Wilko direction and have to try to get across traffic turning left to reach it on its isolated island.
The southern Broadway stop won't be an isolated island much longer, thankfully - they're removing the lane of traffic behind it.
69 and 'two way' in the same sentence. Sniggers :-P
A bit late coming to this - I really miss the 308 opposite the Theatre Royal. I always felt safe at night. Now I have to walk up to Morrisons. I rarely see cyclists on the new cycle lanes and consider them a complete waste of time and money.

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