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No hurricanes in Hampstead?
Of course not, Jimmy.
For "in Hertford, Hereford and Hampstead hurricanes hardly ever happen ..." as Professor Higgins almost said.

has an extensive network and historical data.
If this is a My Fair Lady forecast we should have "Come on DOVER" for comparison.
It doesn't actually rain that often in *southeast* England. I assure you, there are some places - Cumbria, for example - where around half the days each year have some rain.
I should've been more specific about the rainfall. I've now been more specific.

In 2016 it rained for 536 hours, which is a fairly typical annual total (and means that London's weather is only wet for 6% of the time!)
I am but 6 miles from Hampstead and watch NW3weather regularly. I am frequently surprised when it's dry there while we get a deluge in Edgware.
One thing that always surprises my American friends is how little snow and ice we get in southern England, despite being a good ten or fifteen degrees nearer the pole. A year with zero millimetres of snow would be unthinkable in most of the northeastern and midwestern US, but here in the Westcountry it's become almost more likely than not, what with our recent run of mild, rainy, Gulf-Stream-dominated winters.

(Note that zero millimetres of snow and zero days of snow are not the same thing, the difference is whether any snow settles on the ground.)
Interesting tables, thanks DG. If I find the time I'll do the same for my site in east London which is at only 18m.
I'm in the process of updating my Wanstead Snow Survey blog. Believe it or not the average number of 'snow lying' days in Zone 3 of the capital is 6 - hard to believe given the paucity of the stuff over the past 3 winters. Perhaps next month will make up for this?
Love weather stats. I kept a weather record in a notebook taken from readings in my garden, for about 7-8 years or so in the 1970s. I wish I'd kept it now as it included the infamous summer of '76!
So how does 2016 compare with previous years?
If you're talking about summer the season in east London was 6th warmest since 1797, quite a way behind 1976.

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