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Tory MPs don't need masks - unfortunately Labour forgot that there were loads of images of their own MPs not wearing masks at the recent Labour party conference in Brighton.

No one that I know has been contacted about booster shots nor flu jabs, and I would happily take both, I have no issues about being vaccinated.
Had my booster yesterday, along with many others at a very busy local practice.
No-one seems to have noticed that these booster shots are the ones which the UK was going to donate to other countries. No country is safe until all countries are safe.
Are third jabs really ‘boosters’? For polio, the booster takes an initial level of immunisation to a higher final level. Similarly, for space rockets.

As I understand it, the COVID-19 booster is another dose that simply restores the previous level.
Hopefully we can get another year out of Project Fear. Heaven forfend we ever have our normal life back. I gave up all this Covid theatre on 19/7.
The list is certainly shorter than from the same week in 2020.
Does anyone still use the R number?
Everyone has a right to their own opinion, even if objective evidence disagrees. That said, those who don't believe Covid continues to threaten and change lives should spend a day with any member of my family/friends employed in the NHS.
Any "theatre" may be to repeatedly bring the NHS to the point of failure in order to demonstrate the need for further privatisation.
I'm not a covid denier or even a covid-sceptic, but there is a lot of theatre - however, a lot of this is ritual that makes people feel better, so hard to criticise.

And I'm not anti-vaccine or even vaccine-hesitant. I do however have a severe phobia of medical settings, so getting it was an effort for me, and after the second one I thought, phew, at least that part's over. Then I'm told I need a third - and frankly at this point I start thinking 'and will there then be a fourth, and a fifth? And this isn't what we were promised.'

And what I've never understiood, given that for most people getting vaccinated is no big deal, why they're so smug and keen to tell the world about it.
A close friend of mine grew up in the 80s in the eastern bloc, and is therefore very right wing, very individualistic and very suspicious of 'the state'. He refused vaccination, and his luck ran out three weeks ago. He has spent the last two weeks in hospital, is now on a breathing machine, and has acquired numerous side-issues which look likely to dog his health and threaten his ability to pay his families rent for the foreseeable future. He has been told his death is unlikely, but possible.

Be careful. There is a lot of it about.
Even if the government did decide to implement " Plan B ", would those who decided that Freedom Day on July 19th was the green light to abandon all previous precautions really reverse their behavior?

I think not. The genie is out of the bottle.
Polling shows that a large majority are in favour of bringing back such restrictions as compulsory mask wearing and working from home. Fears by the behavioral experts before the first lockdown that many people would refuse to comply with the restrictions proved unfounded.

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