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I took a friend for a ride on the cablecar and he told me about the "Aviation Experience" which he was very eager to visit,( being ex cabin crew he was in his element as we sat in the cockpit mock up and he explained what all the dials and switches were for) I had never previously even heard of it but I did find it slightly entertaining and was pleased that I got to pay it a visit, on our way out he went mad in the gift shop and spent nearly £120 on small gifts for various friends back home where he lives in Kuala Lumpur, I thought all his gifts were at best cheap rubbish, but there is no accounting for taste.
I wonder how long they will keep justifying its running costs when vital services are being cut and/or scrapped.
The 'view' from the cable car can only get better. :)
Someone's hacked DG's account; I'm sure he wouldn't use the word "upsell" (though I'm please to see that the spell-checker used by tridentscan hasn't heard of it!)
It would probably be no surprise to hear that some TfL insiders are finding it increasingly hard to keep a straight face whenever the Cable Car's role as an essential part of east London's public transport infrastructure is mentioned. Is their marketing strategy "agile" (sorry, another buzz-word) or are they just making it up as they go along?
Just how much public money has been and is being spent on this vanity project? It might be justifiable as a tourist attraction, but as public transport it is laughable.
Why do they offer a cash fare?

Surely all the tourists have Oysters now for the buses...
That last photo is brilliantly composed.
Cornish Cockney - how much money is the cable car losing? I don't recall seeing any figures on this. (Do we know if it is is actually making a loss or a profit (and does whatever numbers comes up reflect the depreciation on the capital expenditure/cost of the capital invested?)

Now it is built, it would surprise me if it would save money to close it rather than keep it running.
I got invited to this too, and didn't even reply, bad blogger that I am. I wouldn't have minded going (but I too was at work) as I'd like to go on the Thames Clipper but I don't think I would have wanted to be forced on the cable car again. Overlooking that beauty of a construction site below once was enough.
So today I finally figured out why some people's Oyster balances (visible when they are exiting stations in front of me) have odd balances such as £1.37.
Thanks to the Thames clipper I permanently have either a spare 3p or 8p on my oyster balance. I'm not going on 4 more times to wipe it out!

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