please empty your brain below

I am loving this series! A great read, thanks.
Interesting article following this small short river. Nice that it has not been covered in.
Reading about the automatic lights on the Jewish Sabbath was delightfully amusing.
Off topic DG, but thought you'd be interested to know... <snip>

dg writes: I noticed, thanks.

A special thanks to everyone who's emailed me with advance information and additional detail about their local unlost river - it's much appreciated.
thanks DG ... I've often admired this stream while stuck in the traffic at Henley's Corner

John, you might think the bit about the traffic lights is "delightfully amusing" but it caused a lot of seething from motorists who commute through that congested junction because it just adds to the delays
Great post!
Oh, how much I hate this junction and how much I had no idea about a river nearby...
But then I will never end up here without a car, so probably won't see it anyitme soon.
"Don't bother crossing yourself"
Crikey, I thought, this must be a very dangerous road.
Wonderful discovery in the topographical map site - your link at the end. What a gem. I have been playing with this on and off through the day. Totally brilliant. Many thanks for this revelation, I had not seen this in all my map searching. Great post, looking forward to many more muddy-foot jaunts.
@Great Aunt Annie
The people for whose benefit the automatic crossing was installed are most unlikely to want to cross themselves!

I wondered if the name of the brook had any connection with the Leg of Mutton Pond on Hampstead Heath, but that drains into the Clitterhouse which joins the River Brent at Brent Cross Brook
@timbo: I had to laugh. Good point :)
Great article - spent my childhood playing on Mutton brook and still love walking along it and Dollis Brook with my dogs. We used to build stepping stones across it as kids and chuck bread in there to atone for our sins on Yom Kippur.
I always wondered where the source was of this brook and today I've just discovered where it is after a rainy walk in Highgate woods! I noticed how many rivulets there were crossing the paths and noticed them all joining up into a brook in a valley on the north west side of the woods that backs onto Lanchester road (a crescent off Woodside avenue). I noticed how the soil changed from sandy to clay at this point. I went to the border and saw it go into an underground drain behind the modern house with the grey roof. So I walked along Lanchester road afterwards and spoke to the owner of that house who explained that it runs through the house next door and yes it goes into an underground tunnel - and that there is a manhole in the middle of the road owned by Thames water. That's all he knew.
The other side of Lanchester Road is Fordham Road which leads into Cherry Tree Woods - so I imagine this underground water pipe goes this way - crossing under the A1000 into Hampstead Garden Suburb - possibly under The Causeway behind East Finchley station and meandering along the back of Vivienne Way until it reaches the A1.
This all makes sense as Highgate woods is the higher ground and this would be the natural flow (being an amateur cartographer).

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