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dude, i'll just give you ten bucks if it'll help. how about it?

I exported all my comments but the file is so large that it cannot be imported and naturally, I don't know how to split it up. I think I'm going to have to say goodbye to 44,000 comments as I'm not paying for Echo. It's really ugly.

Oh - and they haven't emailed me!

Some of it is acclimatisation: Individuals can block comment history on their profile, Although last comments is first, conversations in comments go forwards at least. When I get the time (hah!), I should be able to tune some of the appearance, too.

My initial impression is that, while I would rather have stayed with the old style, there doesn't seem to be any third party that is clearly that much better. So I may keep it on, or revert to Blogger comments.

Hmmm, having just tried it out at Ham's I'd say it certainly looks more "noughties" but I do not like the breaking down of the home-link....somehow that seems to break up the spirit somewhat. Shame.

Export all your comments to something you can keep, and move to blogger's inbuilt comments.

You'll have an archive of your comments, and to be honest, that's all you really need.

Nic, you can maintain the link to as many pages as you want, and there's the problem. By creating that feature, they've (a) collapsed the link into a button so you can have lots but can't see any as text and (b) made it tougher than I'd like to set up, needing more input than just typing in your URL. Not good.

It also appears that you can get comments to run in proper order, too ( eg )

At a guess, I expect it will make bloggers and blog readers vulnerable to 'Koobface'-like viruses?

I tried the London Daily Photo link and as I suspected I cannot comment from my Work computer as it just displays a blank page with the word "false" on it. So I'll never be able to participate in your occassional quizes cause by the time I get home and will be able to comment all the answers will have been guessed

Eeek. Any company that has a website as ugly on the eye as that of JS-Kit's, deserves no business. Certainly does not encourage switching comments to them.

Your posts are fantastic, but the comments really add to what you write - hence why I always like to read them and add to them. Now a much-loved part of your blog is set to disappear. I hope you can find a way to salvage our comments.

To be honest, I'm not really too keen on Echo either...

Looks like they have a bit of debugging to do yet... this is what I get when I click "comment" on the London Photoblog in Opera:

I love the blog by the way!

Same as Peewit, I just got the blank page and the one word "false" on London Daily Photo's comments link. And this was from my home computer.

Yes false for me too.

Can you get one that shows dates in UK/European/Rest of World format rather than US? 12.17.09 is just stupid and 6.7.09 is misleading.

I 'bit the bullet' and switched to Echo. After a day of erratic things (no comment number updates and a split between Echo and Haloscan in the blog), eventually it stablised.

Quick observations:
- theres 3 ways to run comments - inline; popup and browser window. The popup looks best but probably wont work in environments with corporate screenings for popups etc. I've switched to browser window.

- the comments summary that haloscan provided for a sidebar is now via Navigator but looks rather ugly. You also need to switch off about 5 other tabs to make it slighlty more usable. They still need to get rid of the diagnostic API info in that feed.

- The Haloscan API remains in the blogger template. I'll want to switch over to the Echo one so that I can clean up the CSS which has a strange inelegant oldschool header3 in the web template.

- the old manage comments stream doesnt seem to exist anywhere in the new system.

-it my be difficult to get commenters to add their blog addresses as they are not 'forced' to do so. Shame for return visits etc.

But it is working. My estimate 15 hours from start to end of conversion trauma.

I'm migrating in the new year to WordPress - - with a page of archived Haloscan comments just for the record.

BTW. Who else has lost their 'grade' and links from the fancy beta version of Technorati?

I've never seen so many negative comments!

Yes, me too - switching to Wordpress now. And technorati has been pretty dead for the last few years anyway; their new beta version is just ridiculous.

...and this is the very first test of my new non-Haloscan non-Echo commenting system.


(and thanks, K)

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