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Once it was at family weddings that you could catch up with all the family,promising to keep in touch etc. (Usually confined to christmas card exchange) As you age so the gatherings become funerals and this is when you check out how old everyone else is looking.
DG, my condolences on the death of your Uncle. đŸ˜”
In degrees of separation news, a friend of mine is involved in Danny Boyle's filming in Gorleston. It's a small world...
It really hits home when you attend the funerals of those whose weddings you went to, and you see the echos of how you remember them when they were younger in their children.
Lovely writing. Makes me think I should write in my will that my coffin arrives to Led Zeppelin's Rock and Roll.

Enjoy your drinks today.
Yes, it's given me ideas for what to have when my time comes too, having recently had to plan the funerals of 2 people I should have known very well, but realised when it came to it, I really didn't! Best to do it yourself and take the strain off others!

I'm sorry to hear about your uncle.

But what a sociable week! Is this a DG record?
Sorry to hear about your uncle, dg. Maybe that’s why we missed a post last week.

It’s nice to see you have caught up with bestmate and have enjoyed a few refreshments too!
Sadly, funerals are increasingly the only time one sees the extended family. Almost no-one is Christened. Few marry - most just shack-up. But we all must be despatched.
Clapham Junction station was swarming with Mormons on Tuesday too.
Another well-written piece. I think it's the minutae of each day that makes it so good.

I'm intrigued by the radio producer mentioned on Wednesday; are you going on air?
Perhaps a trip to Bremen, the home of Becks is on the cards?

There is a Becks' Home Beer.. only available in Bremen.
One of the few depressing things about reading DG is realising that in a number of rather irritating ways, he and I are rather alike. But today I discover that what we have most in common is having to bring a social engagement (involving Becks) to a sudden end to spend an uncomfortable journey home struggling against a worsening attack of the bloody hiccoughs.
My understanding (though I could have got it wrong) was that Monday's hiccoughs were caused (or facilitated) not by Becks, but by lack of Becks.
I surmise that you spent a day a few miles north of me and the next a few miles south. I chose a comedy song from the 1930s, played on a wind-up gramophone shaped like a grand piano, as the going-out music for my husband's funeral. My son wound it up and it started to run down halfway through, which was funny. One has to do something memorable. Lovely post, DG.
A beautiful post.
It’s always the juxtaposition of the mundane minutiae of life against the profound that makes these diary posts so lovely
A lovely post, DG, worth a second and even a third reading. I agree with Malcolm re the liquid refreshment: "an unexpected triumph ... beverage option upped ... the fizzy stuff" - sounds like champagne to me.
PS: As for all of BestMate's decent glasses having been unaccountably smashed, that must have been some party.

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