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Genius! Great start to the morning
Between sacking the Chancellor and resigning she was putting feelers out to get a plum job in the media. Self serving and tone deaf don't even come close to describing such behaviour. Source: Alistair Campbell, The Rest is Politics.
The establishment got rid of her, but the establishment will also take care of her, they got the PM they wanted.

A very British coup indeed.
A classic post. Truss DG to get it spot on - well done !
Well played. At least one resident will have plenty to spend her £115k/year on.
I wandered this area in the summer, prior to an evening at Greenwich Theatre. It may be unique in my London experience, in that the patently wealthy live in extended properties elbow-to-elbow with local authority social housing. The Guildford Arms (having displayed transparent distaste that we didn't want to eat) also served a memorably unpleasant and pricey pint of cask ale.
There's also a Fan Museum, which could be an appropriate place to hide away the deluded individuals who thought she was just the right person to lead the country. They've gone rather quiet, so perhaps they've been delivered there already.
I can't see her buying Wensleydale cheese, since it comes from Rishi Sunak's Richmond constituency.
As with the member for Uxbridge, holidaying in the Caribbean when Parliament is sitting, perhaps LT and KK might now deign to do some constituency work. The thought of Truss, with her drab voice, being a political commentator fills me with despair.
As someone more used to the other end of Greenwich, I'd forgotten how different The Royal Hill is...
Round the corner from the Fan Museum, in the grounds of Davenport House is the sculpture, 'Monument to a Dead Parrot'. Corner of King William Walk and Romney Road, look through the railings next to the phone box. Easy to see if you know what you are looking for. Go contemplate.
just to say, thanks for giving me a smile this morning.
#2. So, those pork markets never did open up in China - but in Greenwich!
A real laugh out loud post today! Thanks!
Nowhere to buy tofu, then?
Don - the £115K is an allowance claimable only against office/staff etc expenses. Not a salary, pension or handout. There's enough to criticise politicians about without misrepresenting things. Leave that to them.
Great work, dg
David. I can't even claim my journey in to work against tax, so allowance or not, she should still be criticised for it. She knew what she was getting into when she stood to be prime minister, and she should pay any costs that are incurred because of her choice
Some of those shops and houses on Royal Hill have unusally-shaped footprints. My sister, who lived ion one of those houses, wondered why until we realised that the short-lived branch line railway to Greenwich Park ran in a cutting behind them and then crossed Royal Hill on the slant. It closed in 1917, the victim of competition, as its route to London was much more circuitous than the much older London & Greenwich Railway. Its route can still be traced on aerial views of the area. (running on the west side of Royal Hill, but crossing it twice, near the junctions with Peyton Place and Blissett Street)

Short lived, going off at a tangent, lost out to market forces, meeting a royal in two places, and leaving a scar across the landscape. What does that remind you of?
Absolutely spot on. Excellent - and a smile to start the day!👍👍👍
Magnificent. Truss her up and throw her overboard.
I suppose if Mrs O'Leary has nothing to do, she could pop round the corner and spend a quiet afternoon with Mr Kwarteng, who might be at a bit of a loose end as well.
Meanwhile, tourists and foreign media reporters are heading down the District line, thinking they are going to a significant Richmond.
Between the artisan shops and The Hill restaurant is the Richard 1 pub which is where you, your future Chancellor and your friends can dream up a highly successful budget that isn't a budget...
Based on this alone, the Private Eye should offer you a contract.

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