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At Bank station, they've already put some measures into place to make the platforms and lower level corridors cooler. Some huge fans (that are safely put behind steel cages) are moving the air around the passages. This is working, I believe, because it's drawing cooler air up from the DLR platforms.

The fans also work because they make people "feel" cooler, when in fact there is no actual change in temperature.

For the tube network, it isn't just a case of lowering temperature, but increasing comfort - and sometimes, you can increase comfort without lowering temperature by increasing air flow (even if it is hot air flowing).

Good piece. Couple of pedantpoints: the new Victoria trains don't have AC, but they do have forced air ventilation, which is better than the current ones.

Also, the main problem with AC in the Tube tunnels isn't even the size of the trains - it's that because the tunnels are a long way underground without much external ventilation, running AC on the trains would heat the tunnels and stations to an unbearable degree.

Those fans are a sop. they dont move air for more than 30 or so feet, aren't powerful enough to actually draw cooler air into the corridors - and anyway are rarely even switched on.

On a really pedantic point the new Victoria line trains almost certainly do have some air-conditioning - its just there isn't any for the passengers.

Its OK saying carry water but where do you refill your bottle ? What happened to the idea of providing free refill points at tube stations ?

Could I just clarify whether you hate Boris or George the most DG?

Did anyone else notice how this managed to be top item on BBC London News all day, magically diverting attention from the departure of another of Boris's deputies?

A PR masterstroke.

Yes - it was a strange piece too, because to add "balance" it spoke to a load of people on the Victoria Line about how hot they were.

I agree, there should be free chilled water for everyone. (And more toilets). I fainted and had a panic attack on a Northern Line train once and it took me years to get the courage to go on another. Still not keen in the rush hour.

It does get very hot on the tube, so I'm looking forward to having air conditioning on the network. Alas, I mainly use the deep level lines, so it seems I may have to wait a little bit longer...

Not a little longer, Andrew, but a lot longer. There are no current plans whatsoever to install air conditioning on any deep level tube trains. You may even have retired before it happens. Still, chin up.

If you're on the Bakerloo I'd blame the Edwardians...

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