please empty your brain below

Oh yes I also remember the times that you only paid 1d to get into the gardens.
indeed - the admission price became 1p (a 140% increase) on decimalisation. (No reductions for students either!)
I went frequently when I was a student in London in the early 80s. It wasn't 1p to get in, but it wasn't much more - can't remeber exactly.

Do they take your lottery ticket if you use that to get in (which I presume you did? - and thanks for the hint the other day) or do you get to keep it? I have 2 from the first draw in 1994 and I would like to go, but would hate to lose them.
I still have my lottery ticket.
I used the "local resident" discount to see the Chihuly glass just before the exhibition closed last month. The colourful spheres in the Japanese Garden and the doily-like flowers in the Waterlily House were my favourites. Must buy a lottery ticket and go back again.....
Another great read, thank you.
Yes, I went to the Christmas illuminations a few years ago, in 2014 if I remember right.
It's a great pity that so many people are now priced out. We used to go as a hard-up young family when it was 1p (converted at regulation rate from pre-decimalisation 3d.) But the historic glasshouses were getting into a terrible rusty state.
I'm sure they could get the same income while being more inclusive by having lower off-peak prices but that's clearly not the ethos.
I also miss the man on a bicycle with a handbell calling out "clo...osing ti...ime."
Looks like you almost had the gardens to yourself. Nice photo's.
I used go to Kew Gardens every month so have seen it in all seasons. Not been in recent years. I was sorry they never replaced the flagpole.
I haven't even started my Christmas shopping.
Yellow is just beautiful, and I totally agree, nothing says autumn more.

I used the 2:1 offer from Gardener's World to visit during the Chihuly Exhibition. Every time, I vow to go more often but it doesn't happen. I wish that a) it was quicker to get to from where I live and b) cheaper!
The photo of the Sackler Crossing gave me the impression that it only consists of two chains of slim yellow-top pylons.
I remember when the admission charge doubled... to 2p
I remember going to Kew Gardens the day after my 60th birthday, the first time I paid a seniors concession admission price for entry to anything.

Got a whole two quid off! Very disappointed I wasn't asked for ID for looking too young.

I remember a Rosemary and Thyme episode where they had a chase round the balcony of one of the Houses but I'm not sure which one it was.
I agree with Anthony Woolf. Upon decimalisation the ticket price went down, not up.

In old money it was 3d and was rounded down to one new penny (2.4 old ones).
The entrance fee just before decimalisation was 3d, so the change to 1p was in fact a decrease of 20%.
Oops, didn't see all the posts about the 3d change before adding mine.
I remember the price before 1971 was 3d.
I don't know if anyone has mentioned this yet.
I am sorely tempted to say something about the entrance fee pre-decimalisation...
My first visit was with my young daughter on the day before the Princess of Wales Conservatory opened.
Admission was fifty pence, I bought my ticket from a small wooden hut.

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