please empty your brain below


Sounds very much like Winchester.

One hour from London? Check.

Three stops? Check

Statue of King Alfred? Check

A hill to walk down to get to the town from the station? Check

Timber-clad shops? Check

Good call. I used to work in Winchester. The libary's called the Discovery Centre, by the way.

Ah, Winchester indeed. A nice day for it too.

Go to the Black Boy pub on Wharf Hill while you're there, it's awesome. Wyckham Arms also very good (just behind the Cathedral).

And Pizza Express Winchester is in the former town mill.

Winchester. Or maybe Chichester.

Another vote for Winch *nods*
Have a nice day DG!

Well, I don't know about the Black Boy pub, but - if it IS Winchester - there's one pub (a pretty unassuming place on a bend in a road, near-ish to the station and a monument erected in memory of plague victims) that includes an Indian restaurant.

And, I gotta say it... it turned out to be one of the best Indian restaurants I'd eaten at in a very long time. Truly superb.

Roger - I can absolutely guarantee that DG will not be eating in your suggested Indian.

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