please empty your brain below

Nice to see there's absolutely nothing of any interest in south west london!

The Dominoes are going across my street - woo hoo!

I'm afraid it does rather have the feel of being served Sunday's leftovers on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and, blimey it's Friday already... and still we're eating leftovers.

Hmmm. Thanks to you I now have coffee all over my keyboard.
The thought of watching live Beach Volleyball was sounding pretty darn good...
... until you mentioned Barking

Erm... pssst... it's actually Palace.

(Though to make things simpler you could've just called it Eltham)

dg nods: Yes, sorry, thanks.

Oooh dominoes. I'm getting flashbacks of Record Breakers now.

The dream city thing looks cool too. At times like these I wonder why I left London

There are tours of the Olympic Site this weekend, but I think you had to win a competition in the Standard to get on them.

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