please empty your brain below

So they're "curated" and "dynamic" are they? I suspect the dead hand of a minimalist "Creative Curve" PR agency is responsible for sucking the life out of it
And whatever has happened to the magic word 'Christmas'? Has it been decreed that we cannot utter that word any longer?

dg writes: No.

Thanks a bundle to Creative Curve, the PC brigade, or whoever is responsible. Ask any children what this season is about and you will get the right answer.
'Curtain' or blanket - as in big wet blanket?
Just because they're LEDs, why do all Christmas lights have to be so drab and colourless with everything just the miserable bluish white of streetlights? In comparison, the ever-changing traffic lights are far more festive !
Took my 3 1/2 y/o and 9mnth y/o to the switch on at Union Street Aberdeen this evening. Lights much more impressive than Oxford Street, with a refreshingly diverse and well supported parade, featuring groups from the Girl Guides, pipers, BAME community associations, old school Minis, United Churches Aberdeen and a couple of hundred folk doing the mile long Santa Dash along Union Street for a local respite charity. Daughter #1 loved it, #2 fell asleep, and cynical dad even enjoyed himself. Scotland really is a foreign country. I love it.

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