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I read somewhere that the canal in Alperton is where the BBC filmed the famous "Dirty Den got shot by a bunch of flowers" scene way back in the years when Eastenders was mildly interesting. The canal is quite wide there and probably great place to dump a car in it. (Which I think is also what they did in that episode.)

Also, the Hindu temple that you could see under construction from One Tree Hill has FOREVER been under construction. My beloved bus goes right past it and for as long as I have been riding Route 79 that temple has been under construction. It's become like a Brent's very own "Gaudi Sagrada Famila": permanently under construction. Some snaps of it from the bus here, here and here.

Your blogs often inspire me. This one is no exception. It has inspired me to cross this walk off my to-do list.

Well, I think Brent is a "tourist hotspot" now, thanks to you DG. Shame that we have already booked up for Broadstairs. Sometimes the most neglected places are the most interesting. Fascinating posts.


Before moving to the U.S. as a teenager in 1980, I lived in Alperton. I came a cropper once, on my skateboard going down the path on One Tree Hill.
Riding down that hill on my go-kart was an absolute blast though. I must have reached speeds in excess of 40mph before having to make a sharp right to avoid hitting the school fence(I went to that school) and a brick wall under a bridge.
I even jumped into the canal once, to rescue my bike that some arsewipe decided to throw in. LOL
The good ol'days.
Thanks for the memories DG.

Mmmm ... digestives ...

Yes, that 'modernised footbridge' you speak of was precisely where Dirty Den met his wet end. Although the bridge was a bit run down back then. They used to film a lot of location shoots for Eastenders here.

I used to live in the Abbey Estate that backs on to the Grand Union canal at this point. I remember rooting through the large skips outside some of the factories and warehouses by the canal when I was little.

Best thing I ever found was a headed notepad from British Airways and a few dodgy number plates.

Happy days.

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