please empty your brain below

Keep it as clean as a whistle dg, otherwise it won't get blown.

Gets my vote, everytime

e-up, I hope you can reset to the old colour scheme okay, else I'll have to stab my eyes out.

Good luck with the voting: with your site all spiffed-up (steady), I hope visitors don't get the wrong idea.

Phew! Is it me, or is it rather hot in here?

Throw another log on the fire, dahling.

Which chew did you choo, choo chew choo? Toot!


Oh Boy! The blog gets even better. Let's hear it for the Merchant Navies, now there was a curvy class.

My girlfriend accuses me of having a one-track mind. I reply: "yes, but it has token block equipment for two-way traffic."

Merchant Navies? Curves? They were the boxiest steam engines around, weren't they?

All aboard!!

This is not just any blog... this is real dg blog, plucked fresh from the streets of east London, smothered in a layer of lubricating grease, simmering gently, waiting to rush deep, deep into the tunnel...

Surprised I could read this - my work net nanny normally blocks such filth!

I am quite overcome.
I think I need to go for a lie down now.

I still say kittens would be a good idea, maybe there could be one hiding next to the wheel?

I need a cigarette, and I don't even smoke.

I hope this new colour scheme isn't permanent!

A good bit of double entendre. Now we know what trainspotters really get up to...

Oh much better. Yes indeed.

Is this what going to Brent does to you?

very funny - but can you keep it up?

"I feel an unstoppable urge to fling open your flaps and fill you with burning fire. "

What a fantastic line!

Unfortunately you're not able to fulfill my bogie fetish, so my vote goes elsewhere...

Brilliant! Like the bloke who jumped in front of a steam train, I'm chuffed to bits.

I'll be polishing the Petticoat pipe too.
Hope all those RSS readers have seen to lovely new blog colour.

Hey, I can now read this!

Bloody Beeching. I blame him for this. Otherwise your brain would have had at least two tracks, probably four.

I thought aeroplanes had flaps? Wasn't that BA pilot fiddling with them, in his cockpit, when he was trying to get it up?


do you remember the reginald gardiner train monologue which ends ...

"oh well, folks! back to the asylum !"

Laughing..a lot.

Genius. That'll teach me for relying on RSS.

The first time I've ever read train-porn. Makes me want to go out and get a Hornby trainset. :-D

My all-time favourite painting, Turner's Rain, Steam & Speed, will never look the same again.

"It's my favourite train of thought" - how did I miss that one first time through?

O M G - what are you on? I want some!

far simpler than wimmin. the engine doesn't answer back, for starters....


C xx

Written like a true steam buff. So come on then DG, is it the Epping & Ongar Railway that hosts your love affair? The Colne Valley Railway? Or even the Mid-Norfolk or North Norfolk Railway? Could it be that I am heading up the wrong line entirely?



There's always Thomas the *ank Engine!
I prefer diesels anyway - less mess.

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