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You could throw in a visit to the disused-because-it-never-opened Watford tube station too: it was built, but the extension into the town centre wasn't. It's been converted into the Wetherspoons pub on the High Street; before that it was a furniture store.

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Sorry not to be able to make it DG, I am already booked on an un-scrapped non-bendy-bus pre-nostalgia "safari" on 31 November.

Of course, the other advantage of visiting not-yet-disused tube stations is that you can still get there easily on a train.

I've snapped up 100 tickets so that I can stand outside and flog them at £40 to those who didn't book in time.

You almost had me there. I thought there was an unseen areas tour. Damn. I know that there are secret tunnels under Cassiobury Park, you can see the vent shafts here and there.

Brilliant! But I'll probably hold out until you organise a tour of Roding Valley, which is much nearer me.

Not Olympia? A weekday train to or from it is going to be very hard to catch the week after next ...

You're definitely not organising this, then? Shame. Didn't you used to do walking tours?

You nearly had me going there. Good one. :-D

I was about to point out your mistake with the date, until I remembered that you don't make mistakes like that, and read on!!

This post's a real classic DG!

As a self-confessed underground nerd I'm flying in to London to visit Aldwych this coming weekend. Therefore, I recognise all the H&S rules and other (no-DSLR cameras) you line out and that one obviously needs to comply to.

I've just emailed you a pdf of a £20 note, please send my ticket asap.

Intrigued as to how you know about the detailing inside the ladies toilets. Do you have an accomplice?

"as the place where drunkards wake up on the night train from Baker Street" - ha ha, I did that once back in the 80s. The staff must be used to it; they tipped off a lorry driver, who picked me up and gave me a lift to Neasden, where I woke up a friend (a vicar) and crashed out on his sofa. Memories, memories ...


I know you are pretty good with electronic stuff - aka Digital Geezer?

But I hadn't realised you had developed an e-system to convey my £20 note across the internet to you. If so well done - fending off the day when bank notes become redundant like cheques are about to be. By the way - why do lawyers always want funds transferred by CHAPS at great expense but always post you a cheque when they owe you money? Don't they realise there isn't much daily interest accruing on their client accounts these days as we take time to cash them???

Feb 2012: The official closure notice for Watford station has been issued. Closure is expected in 2016

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