please empty your brain below

Lovely blog and photos. Small niggle though, in Kent they are hop gardens,not fields.😉
love the headless chickens !!
The Whithervane headless chicken on the East Cliff Martello Tower certainly lights up. Just visible from Aged Mum's upstairs back bedroom. She always tells me what colour it is when I phone daily from London. It's completely captivated her. Love the Triennial.
Judging by the low number of comments, and the definitely-lower-than-usual number of visitors to the blog today, and the lacklustre viewing figures for the set of 40 photos, I think we can assume that people aren't generally excited by art at the seaside.
Interested mainly as ancestors were Folkestone wheelwrights. I participated in a seaside arts project last year by helping a photographer bring landscape to life where the land is eroding. I led a walk to reveal the 3D of the rocks to local people living on them. They loved it. I loved it as a retired scientist as it's the only time I was paid to talk about geology - because it was an arts project. You can't get money to enlighten people to the realities of the world, only to enlighten them in expensive artworks, interesting as some might be.
don't be disheartened DG, I found it fascinating ... shame I don't live anywhere near Folkestone
Loved the Hawksmoor beach hut, and as for the headless chickens . . .
I'm generally excited by art at the seaside if it is *good* art at the seaside. You know, like Donald McGill.
Looks good. Checked southeasterns rail fares. No chance. Why so much more expensive than other companies? No advance or discount fares at all.

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