please empty your brain below

'GRE' Perhaps an up and coming pattern of future adventure DG?
Greatfields Park is one that I had never heard of before and therefore have never visited, I shall wait for the warmer weather before I check it out.
Just the right kind of gentle lyricism to get Monday off to a good start, thank you.
I also managed a jaunt through Green Park yesterday, though headed anti-clockwise and on to Hyde Park instead, finishing at High Street Kensington. I failed to notice as much as you did, but did notice that the daffodils seemed reticent to open - perhaps they had also read the weather forecast for today?
As ever, beautifully illustrated and lovely writing - thanks for brightening up a Monday morning.

Two of these parks feature in my personal Top-10 favourite London Park Walks. One does not.
I subsequently read that Annie Clara Huggett was indeed a special person - she died aged 104 as the longest-lived Suffragette. A timely remembrance in 2018.
I drove past GreatPark (Chelsham) and got rather intrigued by it, wonder if DG would like to go there
The perfect day to sit indoors and read about being outdoors!
Joy, pure Joy
Would you, could you, ever consider walking anti-clockwise around a park?

dg writes: Absolutely, probably, maybe.
Liked all the little details and thoughts. Excellent blogging round the parks.
Milkmaid's Passage was closed off at a time of "heightened security" (one of the Gulf Wars rather than more recent events) as it let the public get rather too close for comfort to St James's Palace. I used to enjoy walking through to the other end which emerged on the Mall through a gate with proper sentries on guard, which made the place look out of bounds when at the time it was not.

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