please empty your brain below

I think you are just an arrogant geezer, in need of some attention! I am not a PR but I just dont like the way you are talking abt them. I wont read your blog anymore and hope many other will stop as well, thats what you deserve, you miserable arrogant git!!

My take has always been PR= Fu*king lying bastards.
These people would promote Hitler if they were given enough money. I find it refreshing that your blog, is one of the few that is free from all that bullsh*t.

Presumptuously smug Jack presumably.....!

I'm with Michael

Several blogs that I read have obviously accepted such offers, and it does diminish them. I don't mind, as such, but I wouldn't take any recommendations as a true opinion.

What if you adopted a policy of taking all the freebies, gifts, experiences and maybe even money .. but then never ever blogging about it? As long as you're not contractually obliged to write anything, why not use abuse them back that way ... and after a while they might get the message that you never write about the events that you attend. Although, admittedly it sounds horribly tedious to go to one about mortgages ....

Well, would Jack et al like someone else to clutter up their personal diaries with advertising crap?
I'm with Michael.
I feel honoured to read your stuff DG. (Well mostly I do, there are subjects you cover that I'm not that into. But, who am I to say what you should be interested in?)

Funny but I thought that Jack's post was an attempt at humour...

Rosie is right, what's with all the masculine posts DG, about time you did something for your female readers. How about fish pedicure in London's rivers, or an event hosted by top London hairdresser to show us how to style our hair like Boris? Wouldn't that be fabulous?

Jack - Don't let the door hit ya where the good lord split ya...


I've said the same thing as Geofftech before. What is stopping you from attending a few of these events if they intrest you and not writing about them after? Not having a blog myself I don't know if these marketing emails come with a contract to sign as the only spam I get is offering me viagra. I would say the wife is sending them but I'm not married.

I disagree with Jack. He is a PR, well, at least a PR***! ;)

Ah, good, DG's got around to doing another PR spam post, and just in time for this obligatory link to have not quite passed the meme event horizon where everyone's read it already and it's been posted in the comments at least twice:

PR Holiday - We went to a foam party in Magaluf (NSFW)

"Hi Diamond Geyser,
I hope you had a great weekend!"
That is priceless!

I'd love to read a DG review of Magaluf!

I do enjoy these posts. As one of your 'female followers' (or at least, because that sounds horrid and stalkerish, a woman who has you amongst her increasingly ill-ordered bookmarks and drops by when she remembers to because she likes your writing and your attitude), I would like to testify that Rosie's idea of a great event for me is my idea of a vapid, tedious, patronising and unpleasant event for me.

I will promise to send you a printed copy of my book ONLY if you promise not to review it.

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