please empty your brain below

I see you're getting your money's worth.
Have you thought of writing a novel.
have you ever looked at this website,46.02/2
lots of yellow termites crawling over the world, with many converging on the honeypot of Europe (but note the dead zone of Syria and Iraq)
A delightful way to start a Tuesday.
I quite like my digital watch.
I was just saying to mine last night that we ought to go up again before the month is out!
Reading that has significantly improved the morning of yet another sunny day of unrewarded yet contented leisure.
Great post and photos. Did you have to take them hand-held? I've heard tripods aren't permitted.
Great stuff, thanks.
Nice pics. Nice writing too. Quite poetic.
Great writing.
You've surpassed yourself DG - quite moving!
Pity they won't allow tripods up there, otherwise I would cough up to get some night shots.
Bravo, bloody bravo
You are good you know. I never know quite what to expect from your blog. And you don't let us down.

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