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Definitely a case of DG doing it so we don't have to. :)
There is still the possibility of a visit during heavy snowfall.
Just a point, speaking to the ticket office staff on Saturday there was still £20.16 tickets left, the management wouldn't tell them how many but they could still be purchased.
When the London Eye first opened, I pre-booked a visit for a day in June. It'll be lovely, then, I reasoned. Uh-uh. Could barely see beyond the windows. Disappointing, but not devastating. On the other hand, I'm lucky enough to visit the Grand Canyon most years, and always feel incredibly sorry for those tourists who arrive on days when it's completely obscured by cloud (which happens quite a lot). I'd imagine for a lot of those guys it's a once in a lifetime thing, not to mention a pretty expensive trip - and instead of a great big hole in the ground (okay, it's a bit better than that, hence my repeat visits) they see.... grey cloud. An awful lot of visitors are there for no more than a couple of hours on coach tours, I'm told, so that's their one shot. Gutting. (I do have a pass that lets me in there as many times as I like in the year, but it's not quite as accessible as the Shard...)
I have made good use of my annual pass. Been up 6 times (though the amount of time I spend up there is getting less and less).

On my visit on Friday, they still did have some passes left. No idea how many but you sure can still get one.

dg writes: Still available? Excellent. Post duly tweaked, thanks.
we're planning to go for a meal in the Shard next month, the food should be good but this definitely has to be booked in advance so there may or may not be a good view.
Wonder how was up there overnight with the wind as strong as it was. I'm guessing it designed/built to take it and a lot more but even still.
Many thanks to those who have mentioned the continuing availability of the annual passes, and to dg for publicising them earlier in the year. I have bought one today!
I had assumed that the allocation of Love London tickets had long gone, so I am also grateful for your post. Apparently the initial lot of tickets went very quickly. Then they allocated some more, and didn't publicise them (except on the Shard website).

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