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An interesting few posts DG. You can rest assured that you have something of a following in the HQ of London Underground, so I'm sure that the results of your masochistic research will be read by those who make decisions on these things.

Great stuff, you go out of your way for the sake of your readers! On the point about weekend maps, it always seems to me that instead of showing closed lines in colour and the open lines in grey, why is it not the other way around? People would find it far more useful to have a map of the actual network for that Sat or Sun rather than trying to work out what's going on with the closed sections on the current maps

what would also be nice is if TFL published a simple (i.e. not a 50+ page PDF document) page on how they see the disrupted services over the next few years.

i.e. is it ALL timed to be finished before 2012 and the Olympics. when can we expect the next weekend-free of engineering works on the TFL network? or are we doomed to have RR bus services forever...

any chance of a simple projected timeline, TFL? go on. please?

"Loud, arrogant, incompetent clowns"?

Surely that's Boris's job...

Point 13. Ha ha ha. If only.

National Rail clearly don't have the first clue at such matters (or how to set a sensible timetable for RRBs that takes account of varying traffic conditions at different times of the day, etc), even when they are dealing with a competent and professional train company (like c2c) and a competent and professional bus company (like Ensignbus).

And of course such competent and professional train and bus companies are the exception rather than the rule.

@Dominic: I am pretty sure it is the individual TOCs that actually organise the RRS - nothing to do with "National Rail" which is only really a marketing name for the umbrella organisation of TOCs (ATOC).

I suspect a lot of the problem is that people join train companies because they enjoy running trains - not planning bus schedules.

*13 - perhaps it is? Perhaps a live Sat Nav signal should be managed from all the buses on route so that real time planning can be implemented - given that road conditions differ so vastly during the day & on particular parts of the routes. An iPhone App to locate said buses could then be developed by some enterprising teen or DiamondBoy.

Recently I was stuck in rush hour at Bank station when tfl announce "central line trains are not stopping because the northern line platform is overcrowded. Passengers waiting for the central line are advised to use the northern line instead!"
Passengers were still let on to the central line platform which then became overcrowded as well.

If you're not on the next New Years Honours list for 'services to fellow Londoners', there's no justice!

Hear, hear, Cornish Cockney! Plus free travel for life.

@ALB: Alas, alas, the comments will no doubt be read by the HQ of London Underground. But who thinks that TFL will learn anything?

17) Not often I support Southeastern but they do have a nice habit of placing separate 'Saturday' and 'Sunday' posters on planned service alterations at stations

I was a driver on the Bus Replacement Service for the 3 months it was closed last year. Holloway Rd is served so Caledonian Rd passengers can catch another bus, Camden Rd northbound is a veritable figure of 8 to serve and the roads around Canonbury are bloody awful! The route was changed at least 3 times while I was on it to please passengers/locals/drivers but it made a hell of a change from standard London service. Ibus has all the route information available for this route, it needs the driver to set it up for Route UL1. This was a service requirement last year, I don't know about now.

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