please empty your brain below

Now then, lad, tha's made a mistake etc. You've been glittering in my 'roll for some time, now. Why, it must be getting on for nearly a year...

And LO! You appeareth on my Live Blogroll (top of the list RIGHT NOW).

Blogroll are SOOO passe dahlink...

dg writes: But now it's 5:30pm and I've got home from work, and I don't appear on your Live Blogroll at all. I'm not sure I like Live Blogrolls...

Haven't been going long, but you've been on my blogroll from the start, so that's at least one you've missed

I have also been missed. Unforgivable oversight. Offended beyond belief etc. Will replace your link with one to pictures of kitten immediately.

Thank you for the reciprocal link. I appreciate it.

I think I'm a fourth category - you were always on my blogroll but it's the blog that's changed: farewell Disgruntled Commuter, hello Town Mouse...

ooh, top of the list. I must actually post some of the stuff I have written then.

you missed one, you are mentioned halfway down the page under Favourite Blogs

D..n! I thought you were my little secret....just joking. Sorry I don't list you in my very short blogroll as it is 'subject' specific. May mention you in passing if you blog on something appropriate to mine or for some odd reason only known to La Lobster.

you've missed me as well, Little Miss Rachel

Nice one for mentioning my very poor blog Ranger 8

Oh hour later. I was only going to have a cup of tea and read your blog when I started to click on some of the links. I had better do some work now. Or maybe I could have another cup of tea....

Oops. Had I realised I was going to be mentioned today I would have spent much longer on todays post. Perhaps 20 minutes instead of 15. Thanks for the mention!

Its not fair, where is my Blog? dont you remember you learned Scheduled post publishing from my blog.
I dont have a permanent blogroll but i add Now & then.
Anyway you are a top blogger in London - Guru. haveing my blog listed in your blog is honour for me, please mention me

i'm there by the skin of my teeth i guess, I think i have only published one post this month

thank you!

is anyone interested to join this London Meet up Group Which has about 200 london bloggers and meet in public about once a month to discuss, exchange ideas, give tips, learn new things and have some fun

you're part of my blagroll right and proper; the alt tag reads 'like a proper guide to the smoke with added tube trivia and cholesterol checks'

There's nothing quite so offensive as selectively thanking people, is there?

I've updated my list, including those I overlooked (grovel) and those I'd never noticed before (sorry).

Any more?

It's a 'blog eat blog' world out there. Thanks for the mention.

Oh blimey - five random new visitors today, all from this post. Ta very much, DG.

It's just a shame that I hadn't got my very best stuff on display - a bit like when the Queen pops round for a cuppa and you've not done the Hoovering.

My blog is listed on a famous blog - now I'm famous too! Yay!

this is the worst time for my blog's server to conk out. i'd like to think from excessive bandwidth caused by your fine site >\\_>

Heh, and me! But Technorati's never liked me, particularly

3 visitors thank to DG!

Thank you! I've had an extra seven visitors already!

Hi there and thanks! But you seem to be sending readers to my OLD URL, which I still get stats for... the new one is Any chance you could update your link?

Amazing how many blogs there are just in and around London, isn't it...

Coo, fame again. Religion, Billy Bragg, frozen trout, exploding tins of treacle, and a link from Diamond Geezer...

Cheers for the link DG - another few hits for me too. Same time next year?

Much obliged, thank you.

Thanks for the hook up man! We're still linking to ya, great to see it's still going strong at this end.

Still very much on rashbre central's list in my superstar blogroll. Maybe my temporary renaming to rashbre west whilst I've been travelling has confused things?

Best regards.

What one word do you need in your blog title to attract DG readers when confronted by a list of 200-ish blog names? This might give you a clue.

The nine most-clicked-on blogs yesterday were:
1] A Yankee in London
2] An American In London
3] London Underground Life
4] London Sightseeing With A Homegrown Tourist... Ding Dong!
5] The Londoneer
6] Travels around London
7] My Boyfriend Is A Twat
8] London Daily Photo
9] girl with a one track mind

Hi DG. Wow has it been a year since your last list.

Always grateful for a little link love, it brought a couple of visitors so far.

You are still by far the best blog out there. I don't know how you do it.

Keep on rocking.

Hi, you've missed me off the list!

Cheers DG - wondered what the blip was on my "came from" was all about!

I'm gonna be in South London August 14-17th ish - if you fancy a beer drop me a mail.

You're on the blogroll of John Flood's Random Academic Thoughts (RATs) too.

Cheers for the link, some of your readers even visited!
Great to be able to read interesting things about London even though I am on the other side of the world.

Cheers DG, wow I made third that was a bit of a surprise and cheers for all the custom.

Any more?
(it would be nice to get to 200..)

Hello DG

Can't see me on there, but it might be, there's a lot to look through, and it's late and I'm cream crackered!

Me too - though I am mightily obscure

dg writes: cheers Laura, you're number 200!


A bit late I know...
but even so...
many thanks from Berlin...

Still on there - Was on holiday when you posted this but there were a few posts early in July.

Thank you! I love reading your blog (more about Islington please!).

May Diamond Geezer be forever....


A very belated thanks for the link - providing an extra 41 visitors from your blog! Just had a catch-up read of your blog and loving it as always!
Best Sparkly Wishes x

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