please empty your brain below

Thanks for that. I've seen the brook a couple of times (near St James St and at Lea Bridge St) and wondered what it was / where it went. Now I know.
Thank you for this description. At last I have managed to find the energy to follow one of your walks - although so far only as far as Leyton Jubilee Park. The range of architecture near the brook is fascinating, from Victorian to the 1990 mock-1930s-mock-Tudor Court.
I'm a bit late commenting, but you could manage a sighting or two from the Walthamstow reservoirs. Pay a pound at the Thames Water office on Ferry Lane, pretend a mild interest in birds (optional!) and explore with a Birdwatchers pass. Worth doing, especially because there are plans afoot to open the whole area up, which will make it much less secluded and peaceful

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