please empty your brain below

All those great artistic venues on the South Bank being missed by North Londoners, I do not think so.

good old fake

exactly the same thing happened with the '97% of Scots live unhealthy lifestyles' shocker, sweeping under the carpet the fact that so did 94% of the English... Curiously enough, only the Daily Mail (yes, that Daily Mail) provided enough information to let readers find the original study. Everyone else went with the 'deep fried Mars Bar' line and nothing more.

99% of the population have more than the average number of limbs.

Well, with statistics you can prove anything. Or nothing.

Great demolition job on their 'survey'
Media organisations are at best consistently gullible about statistics or at worse wilfully creative. Nothing (like the truth perhaps) gets in the way of a good story.

i'm amazed that they managed to survey 300 people... i saw an advert on tv the other night that claimed 9 out of 10 woman had better hair or something or rather after using product x... small print was "survey of 78 respondents"... truly terrible...

John, ever heard of Dulwich Picture Gallery?

Read it twice and I'm still confused

Great work DG. Damn these PR types giving statistics a bad name.

And what great headline could one make out of the fact that there is a strong correlation between mathematical ability and shoe size (when sampled over the whole population with no minimum age cutoff).

I do wonder whether you and I would be quite so cynical about believing media-driven 'statistics' if we hadn't had the research-based eye-opening manipulative experience we did with them back in...erm... was it 2000?

All these "news" stories with statistics to back them up are claptrap.
Always have been. Always will be.

To pick up on Max Roberts' comment about Dulwich Picture Gallery: I do think there's "inner London" and "outer London" to consider too. Does it really count if Northerners visit the South Bank or Southerners Oxford Street (or arguably even Camden Market)?

Actually, it is substantially worse than you make out, isn't it DG?

You've shown that only 7% never go South for culture, but the headline says "or work or play"

The figures make no reference to "work" - assuming that these people don't work in the cultural sector. So it is quite possible that all of the 7% work in the South, meaning the actual headline could have been

"All North Londoners sometimes cross the river for work or play".

Yes Chris, the 7% is a maximum.
I feel an update coming on.

The river (Severn) goes up and down a LOT, because the gorge is so narrow.
Not so long since, it was over the ground at the point at which you took your photo


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