please empty your brain below

Just one line each please.

I'm shamed into putting an easy one:
J) Waterloo and City

dg writes: sorry, no

D) Euston half-way down (or up) the Victoria line.

J) Surely the Circle line can't have a halfway station?

A) Baker Street is halfway point on my Jalebi Line (Jubilee Line)

C) the East London line.

I'm going for H - Piccadilly
(with not much confidence)

dg writes: sorry, no

B) Northern

j) guessing too many branches on the northern line for a halfway station.

B) Central Line, since none of the other stations are on it, and it definitely has a middle.

E) Farringdon is half way along the H&C.

I suspect another DG experiment is being carried out - one to see how many people can be bothered to get a tube map out and count the stations and how many just go for an informed guess.

Surely the circle line has as many halfway points as it has stations?

F - Piccadilly line

G) Hammersmith and Thingy?

dg writes: sorry, no

H - District Line

D - Victoria Line
lol @ Jag - 'Jalebi Line'

H - Bakerloo

dg writes: sorry, no

surely if you cross the platform and go in the opposite direction you are just going back the way you came and therefore must pass the same number of stations unless one has magically disappeared?

G: Circle? Working on the assumption that the trains get some layover time at Aldgate, so if there's a natural break anywhere on the loop..though Edgware Road fits that bill too.

Whoops. "Please put your name on your work" *cough*

J) Metropolitan.

G) Bakerloo ?

I) Waterloo and City?

That's all the halfways!
Answers as follows:

A Jubilee
B Central
C East London
D Victoria
E Hammersmith & City
F Piccadilly
G Bakerloo
H District
I Waterloo & City
J Circle (too circular), Metropolitan (too branchy), Northern (too split)

Isn't Warwick the halfway for Bakerloo?

I counted the Bakerloo line stations five times before I ran this quiz. Seems I also counted wrong five times. Warwick Avenue it is.

I'm probably being thick, but why is the very first answer given (J Waterloo and City) wrong and why is I - Waterloo and City right?

dg writes: The rules said that, where halfway was between two stations, only one of the stations was given.

Thanks! I'd been flummoxed by the fact that it was impossible to travel in the opposite direction from Waterloo, which of course IS possible from all the other halfway stations!

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