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British WinterTime? You're winding us up.
Also known as Daylight Wasting Time.
Hey, I'd love to read the full write-up.
Interesting how the weathering differs depending on the angle of the sign, the green has faded on the top pair, but the white on the bottom pair.

dg writes: Given the sheltered location of that particular sign, it's probably more down to age.
The Chilterns are great. And there are many glorious walks there.

It's interesting, though, that Chesham seems a bit more "dead easy to reach from London" than, say, Guildford. I wonder if that's anything to do with it being on the tube map.
I have been camping in that area, back in 1957. I was a Cub Scout and we had a field trip I think it lasted 3 days and two nights.
I know it was there because I remember the whole troop going via the train (Metropolitan line) the final part by a steam train.
We set up the tents on Dungrove Farm.
How many of your leaflets are avaliable online?
Ah yes the Worth Way. 5 minutes from my front door. A lovely walk on the old railway line from Three Bridges to East Grinstead.
Excellent. Thanks for these links. I have been looking for walking projects close to London as my husband begins early retirement in two days time!!
Hi DG. Followed in your footsteps today and can report that pretty much nothing has changed, even down to the weather! I can also confirm that the town hall has the full range of walking routes available in pamphlet form. A v nice stroll.

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