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One of my neighbours always puts a flag up on St George's day. He is a nice old man, but he won't do it any other day for fear of being called/attacked as a rascist even though he would love to fly his flag all year round.

Interesting that Google CBAT put up a rose-themed graphic - considering that they do daffs and shamrocks, it's a bit racist...

Genuine ignorance here BW: but what's allegedly "racist" about the rose-theme?
And CBAT? (Doubly ignorant, apologies!)


CBAT = can't be arsed to

Ignoring the English National Day is par for the course (and, IMHO, racist) - the way England and the right to be 'English' always gets 'overlooked' by 'government' and officialdom. See here for a few more details...

BW - Jack has a few choice words on this very subject.

Aha Cheers BW - get it now. Thx.

Which is *exactly* the problem DG, most people just don't understand. It's fine to be proud about being almost any nationality but English. If you say you're 'English', or want equal right for the 'English', people automatically think you're racist. And as for displaying an Englsih flag - well, people think you're racist and/or a football hooligan.

Apathy rules England.

The BBC were just as bad. On the BBC News website they had a poll on whether St Georges Day should be a public holiday. Over 85\\% said yes and the comment they put on the page was slagging it off as "petty patriotism". Is this representative? No.

Ah, but St George's Day shouldn't be a bank holiday (as I explained four years ago).

I think we should celebrate it more, but we don't need yet another spurious bank holiday in April/May.

What's spurious about it? If we're going to have more public holidays - which we are - then why not have one for our patron saint's day?

It's better than Gordon Brown's "Britishness Day".

"we don't need yet another spurious bank holiday in April/May."

Spot the non-gardener

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