please empty your brain below

If you want something to replace the faux Open House links, may I suggest:

* Gorilla House - this
* Penguin Pool - this
I doubt there have ever been any Gestetnered Open House leaflets, as Gestetner's technique involved stencil duplicating and is by no means the same as photocopying (or Xeroxing, if you want a technique named after a firm).
Lubetkin followed up his London Zoo buildings with a suite of 12 Tecton structures for the new Dudley Zoo, almost all of which remain. Well worth a trip. See:
For years, I have been waiting to run into you on some exclusive tour or other and I had my suspicions this time around with the solitary gentleman on the same tour I was on who disappeared immediately the tour ended (DG would always have other buildings to visit)... but from my reading, you were on a later tour than mine, since our group surprised the owner by arriving before she had cleared out, rather than being guided around by her. Great to read your thoughts on the rare privilege of a visit to this building.

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