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I tried the new service from H&I to Clapham Junction yesterday but didn't do the Overground Orbital as I was losing the will to live by the time I reached the destination. So it was the 23-min journey via Vauxhall back whence I came. Congratulations on your staying power and your new world record DG!
Views of the city from Denmark Hill surely on the right side as you go clockwise, no?
Enjoyed the reference to the Vauxhall line at the end, but please don't tell too many people about it! Definitely the quickest way to go from southwest to central or north London.
My train from Wandsworth Rd made the following announcment once we left Queen s Road Peckham - 'The next station is Surrey Canal Road'.........
Yesterday, we went from Harpenden (First Capital Connect) to West Hampstead, then to Richmond (Overground) and then to Twickenham (West Coast)to go to Eel Pie Island on your recommendation.
Excellent - thank you!
The artists asked how we had heard about the event and no-one had heard of your blog - they have now!
They were impressed that we had taken three trains to get to them.
Thanks for a great day out. We thought The Dog pub in Church Street was excellent and we worked out the origins of the beer called "Naked Ladies".
Are you a dancer by any chance John?
A dancer? That comment has gone right over my head! Please elaborate...
South of the River is a different world - unlike you North Londoners we are well aware that there is London beyond the Tube map - and most of us are well aware of the Vauxhall/Victoria line link.

I used to live 200 yards from Clapham Junction - friends in north London considered it in the back of beyond because it was not on the Tube Map (the nearest Tube was either Sloane Square, Clapham Common, or Southfields!) "How on earth do you get to work from there"?

If I've read the timetable correctly the connection at Clapham Junction going anticlockwise is only six minutes. Starting at Clapham Junction gives you connections of 4 minutes (anticlockwise) or 9 (clockwise) at
@John - you mentioned that you travelled to Twickenham by West Coast (a slip of the keyboard no doubt), did you check the link which is to the a dance group in Twickenham?

It was quite an obtuse attempt at humour, my apologies.....
Re my comment about views: realised that the seats face inwards, so you want to sit on the opposite side. To avoid having to twist round like your muttering trainspotter-gent companion.
No need to apologise, and yes, I should have put "South West Trains".
DG: Sorry to use your "Comments" for our personal communications!
Not a world record as such but I as one of a select few who were the first to travel on both first trains and over the new section in public service. Here's how I did it:

Yesterday 0711 from Highbury & Islington to Queens Road Peckham, attempt to be the first by sitting in the front seat, although the privilege was shared by an apparently none-the-wiser fellow passenger in the seat on the other side, and then gazumped by a standee whose plain intention was to be the first by virtue of squeezing himself as close as possible to the slightly recessed driver's cab door. So, not quite the first but one of the first three.

I and a few others got off at Queens Road Peckham and managed a 0 minute connection (easy cross-platform, and the second first train was a couple of minutes late) and did the same thing eastbound, accompanied by a few 'suits' this time. I think I and another guy in the opposite seat again shared the honours of the first eastbound on the new section.

I then returned on the second first westbound (are you following this?) all the way to Clapham Junction and actually managed (despite a slow run through the new track from Wandsworth Road) to arrive Clapham Junction a few minutes early (scheduled 0831), thus making the 0831 from Clapham Junction to Willesden as well as a few minutes admiring the marvellous new interchange facilities on platforms 1 and 2.

The previous night I'd done the last two South London Line trains too so pretty knackered now....
John from Harpenden, glad you enjoyed Twickenham visit. The pub in Church Street you mentioned called "Dog", do you mean "The Fox" pub as that is the one that comes to my mind, and I cannot think of a pub there named Dog unless a new one has opened. There was once a pub in Twickenham called the "Black Dog" but that was in London Road and is not there under that name anymore.
DG, Rob H and others - I think the connection at Vauxhall is well-known already; the authorities certainly seem to think so anyway, as one of the reasons given for not extending the Northern Line via Vauxhall is because the station is too busy.
Oh, and I did the full circuit, including a connection at Willesden Junction where the Stratford train leaves from the low level platform 1 (which was mighty puzzling for some passengers on the high level including a Filipino (?) lady who took some persuading to follow my directions down to plat. 1 but all worked out fine in the end.

Total circuit time 0711-0928 = 2 hours 17 mins. assuming both trains at Highbury were on time. But that included a triple run over the new bit past Surrey Canal Road (to be).

I too was very impressed with the view on Saturday night from the high level sections of the South London Line - a new experience for me, as was the absolutely wonderful ticket hall at Battersea Park - Southern have done a gorgeous job with the station, and sad to hear that the wooden plat. 1 which I used for the first time may be disused in future?

I achieved the last train on Sat night by taking an eastbound from Battersea Park, changing at South Bermondsey (aiming in both cases to avoid a Zone 1 fare) to the last train back into Victoria (scheduled a little later than the last one into London Bridge). A nice touch by the driver was an occasional announcement that this was the last train after 103 years, accompanied by similar scrolling displays on many of the station next train indicators and screens in the ticket halls. Fairly low key but fitting I thought.

A smattering of photos on the final arrival at Victoria, then all was over.

Today's Evening Standard gave the frequency of the new link as 16 trains an hour - someone's got a little confused there I think :-)
I don't think I've had a very good day! Yes, you're absolutely right - it was The Fox, I've just checked my photos. No excuses, I only had one pint of "Naked Ladies" in there!
I'll be more careful next time I post.
How do overground train fares fit into the Oyster fare structure?

Are there standard fares for journeys, or does it vary by distance?

Are journeys overground included in the daily capped Oyster underground maximum rate?

Us out-of-London day trippers with Oyster cards need to know what we will be charged...
The Overground fare structure is identical to the Underground fare structure, i.e. you pay by zone.

The only slight complication is that Shoreditch High Street is in Zone 1, so if you pass through it on the East London Line, you get charged for the more expensive Zone 1 as well as the Zone 2 that all the surrounding ELL stations are in.

Essentially the Overground is treated as an orange tube line.
"They've not seen trains as modern as this in Peckham for years"

Hardly fair - although the class 456 trains working the SLL were twenty years old, the 377s working many of Southern's other services through Peckham Rye, on the way to Tulse Hill and beyond, were all built within the last ten years, and indeed a new batch are being built at the time of writing as part of the project to lenghen trains to ten cars, and to allow the 456s to move west.

They also have proper seats
Hoxton is is also in Zone 1 on the tube map, which is just another blatant way from TfL to extort higher Zone 1 fares from people that have to travel there for work.

if you draw a to-scale map of where the Zones fit over London, it's a little extra 'bump' out east to where Hoxton and Shoreditch High Street are to add them into Zone1! shameless...
The Shoreditch High Street stitch-up is thoroughly annoying and counter to the entire point of having an orbital network avoiding the centre. Not sure shameless is the right word though - as I understand it from over at London Reconnections, DFT are to blame as they refused to fund the extension without the extra revenue they would receive from the Zone 1 fares.
Hoxton is only in Zone 1 if your journey is simply Shoreditch High Street to Hoxton, which makes it cheaper for Peak time travellers as a Zone 1 Only fare rather than Zone 1-2.

If you end your journey at Hoxton from the north then it's in Zone 2, if you approach from the south it's irrelevant because you'd already be charged for Zone 1 by passing through Shoreditch High Street!
@ Blue Witch - as others have said most of the Overground network is in Zone 2 but some parts of it stretch much further out. Shoreditch High St is in Z1 because of the funding deal to build the newly opened route.

Depending on where you start from and travel to some routes are cheaper *if* you touch your Oyster on a pink "route validator". TfL have recently adjusted a lot of routes to reflect the new line and created new "alternative routes" - some avoid Zone 1 and others go via Zone 1. To be sure about what to do and how much fares can vary you need to check the TfL "Single Fares Finder". It will show the cash and PAYG fares that apply for every origin and destination pair covered by the Oyster system. It is worth saying now that some journeys are priced via Zone 1 even if you travel via a route that avoids Zone 1 because TfL have not created "alternative routes" for every relevant O/D pair.

Even if you hold a Travelcard ticket and travel only through your zones (avoiding Z1) you can still be charged a Z1 extension fare because TfL have linked the PAYG "valid route" logic to the Travelcard zones. An example by way of illustration - Blackhorse Rd - Wandsworth Town. Fast route is via Z1 changing to a train at Vauxhall. Changing via the ticket gates at Waterloo or Vauxhall record the fact you've gone via Z1. No problem with that.

Slow route is via Overground via Gospel Oak & Clapham Junction. If I go the slow route on a Z23 Travelcard I will still be charged a Z1 extension fare on exit at Wandsworth Town. The only way to avoid this is to touch my Travelcard Oyster on the pink validator at Gospel Oak and then go out the gates at Clapham Junction. I would then re-enter, having broken the journey as far as the system is concerned, and travel to Wandsworth Town. No extra charge. This is all a horrendous faff and probably unknown to many people. Note that the slow journey is entirely in Z23 so there is no actual travel outside the validity of my T/Card ticket.
Thanks all of you for the info.
I wimped out.

Took the Overground to Sheppards bush and did some shopping at Westfields.

Then carried on and kept on the train at H&I to go to Stratford to do some shopping at he Westfields - big difference - I think I like Stratford best although the corridors are narrower.

Then Jubilee to Canada Water and back to Clapham.

Westfields should have bought the naming rights.
I so should have called today's post
A Clockwise Orange
I saw the Wembley Arch out of the window in the far distance, just after the train passes over Loughborough Junction! The view of London really is superb in parts.
We did it in 1 hour, 45 minutes. Duh...

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