please empty your brain below

Working on the sixth floor of a building on Argyll Street, I get to look at those rooftops every day.
I can't believe for once I've been to something weeks before DG... Unless DG delayed his report, of course...
"a retail brand that respects its 76000 workers rather than exploiting them. [until June 23]" ??

I know I'm deliberately reading that wrong but maybe an extra word or two is needed in the "[until June 23]"?

dg writes: Ah yes. Extra word added, ta.
I had some time to waste in the Oxford Circus area yesterday, so went to investigate this, thanks to dg's information. It was a quite sunny lunchtime, and quite crowded, but I was able to view the rooftops and look at the garden. Unlike the astroturf, the plants are real. The roof garden is not entirely stepfree, but able-bodied visitors won't even realise this, and the JLP staff are helpful.
The exhibition was also crowded, and I found the soundtrack obtrusive, but altogether it was an interesting visit.

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