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Haringey is on there: for what that's worth. Note "from twitterfeed" on all tweets, it's just imported RSS from the website.

We've got some good local councillors though, and our MP (Twitter: is very social...

Greenwich finds communication with its residents very difficult at the best of times, so I doubt they'll be going on Twitter, or even buying a broadband modem anytime soon.

Twittering cllrs turns out to be one of the things that Lambeth Council actually manages to do rather well. We have the highest number of cllrs who tweet in the whole country.

It's not just lip service either - they actually engage with other users and use Twitter as a tool in which to conduct conversation with their constituents. I've actually had various requests to my locals cllr acted on via Twitter.

The Lambeth Walk widget wraps up all Lambeth Twitter activity over here.

This made interesting reading. I recently reduced the amount of jobs coming through on the feed as I was worried it was taking over. There is now only 1 every 24 hours.

I find the Twitter feeds from the Tube lines quite useful, but it took some time to adjust to the fact that they Tweet in the first person:

jubileeline "I am suspended between Finchley Road and Waterloo due to a person under a train at Swiss Cottage.

I noticed a twitter feed link on which I got to via Newham's website - does that count?

I had no idea that London councils were on Twitter. Thanks for the info, will follow my council with interest now...

I have to confess, I don't exactly know what the point of twitter is.

Newham's website fails to load with what I would describe as "startling regularity" if I wasn't so used to it happening. It is therefore no surprise that the world of web 2.0 is a closed book to them. Even when I e-mail my councillor, she writes back. Bless.

Haringey's Twitter now added to list, thanks.
(It didn't help that Twitter's not mentioned anywhere on Haringey's website)

Ditto Redbridge.

You certainly won't catch me twittering! I blog. I am on Facebook. I have a mobile phone. That is more than enough of being up with new technology for me thank you very much.
I text on my phone, but that's what it is. A PHONE.
NOT a mini computer. I have a laptop.
NOT a camera. I already have a digital one.
NOT a portable music system. I have a 'half price' basic mini-CD player when Woolies closed.
What I'm wittering on about is that I have not interest in twittering.

I can't find any of my local councils on Twitter (well, not yet anyway).

Hahaha the tube lines on Twitter are amazing!

Some people have got far too much spare time.

Twitter? Some of us have a life.

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