please empty your brain below

We are looking forward to reading about your "Good news from Ghent". (Apologies to Robert Browning). Hope you still ate lots of chocolates!
My name in lights! Ghent would be my no.2 choice. Where John of Gaunt (Ghent) got his moniker.
I hope you enjoyed it DG. If I'd known you were there yesterday I could have shown you around, I only live a few kilometres outside of the city.
Ah, so it was actually "a vote" with a genuine effect, rather than simply "a consultation" :)
I'm one of those strange people who go to watch the indoor cycling in November, a Mecca for some. Nice city and lots of excellent cafes, hope you enjoyed it. I'll be there again this November.
Next time you should go to Tournai :-)
It's about 15 years since I went to Ghent so looking forward to hearing about it.

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